Pinned Research Facilities - Submission Guidelines

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  • Research Facilities - Submission Guidelines

    • The Black Mesa Development Team reserves all rights to make the final call on which assets will be approved for game integration.
    • You must agree to release your assets under this Creative Commons license. E.g. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
    • You must provide your assets in a .zip file
    • You must provide the paths and filenames of what assets you are replacing.
    • If you are replacing a visual asset, you must provide comparison shots of your asset vs the original.
    • Your overall filesize may not exceed the previous filesize by more than 1mb.
    • Map and Sound submissions will not be accepted.
    • Derogatory, offensive, copyrighted or otherwise unacceptable content will not be accepted.
    • Partial sets will not be accepted. Some assets are part of a set, and that set needs to match and be consistent.