What Game Did You Play Today?

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    • Soul Calibur 6 on pc... ITS AMAZING. Takes me back to the original Soul Blade and then Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast. Soooooo many hours spent playing those games with friends. The last couple of games in the series were not so great, imo. 6 is certainly a return to form. I've played just about every fighting game over the years, the Soul Calibur series has always been one of my favorites. On my rig it runs like butter at max settings. It looks incredible, there is a lot going on and man is it FAST. Not many fighting games around that are melee weapon based, I've seen people have been struggling with frame rates online, I've not really experienced any problems with the net code, in about 20 matches, ive had maybe 2 frame hiccups. The net code will just get better, so if you are looking for something a little different, yet competitive, this is a great choice.
    • Downloaded a mod for C&C Tiberian Sun. „Twisted Insurrection“ is pretty awesome! I‘m on mission 13 on the GDI campaign and up until now it has been rather challenging but fun! Feels like a proper C&C game, albeit without the cheesy cutscenes. Mission 13 however had me cringing a lot. You have to protect 10 super slow convoys while constantly being assaulted from all sides. It‘s super frustrating at first and there‘s a lot of R‘n‘R. Had to watch a couple of playthrough to get an idea of a decent tactic. Could‘ve skipped the mission (all missions are available from the start) but I‘m kinda determined to pull through.
      Anyway, awesome mod, lot of polish! Definite recommendation for any rts-fan.
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    • I'd been off the Undertale train for like two and a half years, but ever since Halloween and the surprise release of Deltarune, I've been back on. It's a lot better than the first one mechanically, and there's some really nice spritework to boot.

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      wish it wasn't an alternate continuity though. I get that it's kind of inevitable but dammit I like my sequels to be part of a SEQUENCE

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      Played and beat Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 Pro. I give it a 8/10.

      So.... I see a lot of people hyping this game up super high and a 10/10. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely fun and beautifully crafted but it had some negatives I wanna point out.

      First, the pros however.

      Beautiful game, graphically. The environment design is gorgeous, I'd spend hours just admiring the scenery as I rode by. Interactions with people feel genuine (mostly) and I loved how you could interact with someone and meet them later and they'd remember it. Animations are phenomenal, some of the best I've seen. Pretty much everything has a detailed animation to it that brings the game to life. Customization of weapons, outfit, and hair is great (rocking that mutton stache the entire game). The story was good and really made Red Dead Redemption 1 mean a bit more to me. It was nice to see how the events of the 1st game came to pass.

      Now the cons. Sometimes this game draaagggsss. I loved the story and characters and everything but by the time I got the the final mission, I was simply trying to finish. Only to find out the epilogues are like 6 hours long. It's still fun, but it's like God damn. Another con is that sometimes the interactions at camp feel... Off. It's hard to explain but when you play, you'll notice they feel awkward. I hate the survival aspects, especially towards the end (I won't spoil anything) when it becomes even more annoying to maintain your cores. Cleaning weapons, while it was cool in the beginning, became a tedious chore. Especially when swamps brought their condition down FAST.

      Overall, I'd recommend it. It's very slow paced, and while people didn't like the gun play, I did enoy it.

      Edit: oh, and there's some continuity issues regarding Arthur never being mentioned by anyone in RDR1 and
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      New Austin, particularly since an epilogue mission brings you right there to the canyon outside armadillo
      . That will bother me till the end of time to be honest.
      But...will it blend?

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