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    • I know this is probably going to ruffle some feathers among those who think he did it, but...

      That article contains a bunch of background and information from various military reports concerning Omar Khadr. All of which tell different accounts, and to me, when combined paint a very disturbing picture - In the aftermath of a firefight that took the life of a US soldier, troops found a wounded 15 year old under rubble, captured him, and then using a tiny shred of circumstantial evidence (He was there and he's the only survivor) blame the US soldier's death on him when the evidence shows that it was just as likely if not more so one of the dead enemy fighters or friendly fire that resulted in the fatal grenade blast. The US Military then proceeds to put this child into their illegal detainment/torture camp on Cuban soil for a decade without trial (!), using only a confession that was made under duress after an "interrogation" as justification.

      (Please note: interrogations in Guantanamo are torture sessions and thus any information gained from them are not credible due to the nature of torture)

      This child was a citizen of my country, taken to Afghanistan by his parents, rather than out of a personal choice. Yet my government sat and did nothing for ten years as he was denied the due process that is a cornerstone of the country he was born in and the country whose military held him. They allowed the United States to commit war crimes on a minor who had little to no solid evidence against him. Why did my government do this? To avoid angering its militarily powerful neighbour? Because they simply didn't care about the plight of a young citizen? Out of sight, out of mind? And why did the US hold him without trial? Because they seriously though he was a threat? Come on. To make it seem like justice for their slain solider had been done when they weren't even sure if the "culprit" was the one who killed him rather than someone who was already in the ground? Or were they actively covering up the embarrassment of a probable friendly-fire incident?

      No matter the reason, does any of that justify what either country did? To take away ten years of a child's life without proof, without a trial, without the due fucking process that is the right of every US and Canadian citizen who has been accused of a crime? Imprisoning Omar Khadr did not make our society any safer. A 15-year old boy, even one who had been surrounded by terrorists would not have been privy to any tactical secrets that would have helped the war effort. All this has done is shown that neither government is willing to uphold the ideals of justice and freedom they claim to hold dear.

      Even if he did it, even if the evidence had indicated he was the likely culprit, this kind of treatment is unacceptable. Prisoners of war are supposed to be treated a certain way. There are rules about this. And every time Omar Khadr has come up in conversation or in the news I've had this little ember of anger and disappointment in the back of my head but that National Observer article lit an inferno by showing just how little evidence there was in this case and reminding me of what a shitty, internationally illegal hole Gitmo is. As far as I'm concerned the place is on the level of concentration camps and the Marines who guard it might as well be Schutzstaffel for their complicity and direct involvement, and I don't take 'Nuremberg defense' as an argument. It's a service member's duty to refuse ethically unsound orders. The person who gives the order is culpable, but the person who carried it out shouldn't be allowed to pass the buck - you both made it happen, you're both equally at fault. Head directly to jail, do not pass Go.

      TL:DR - The 'evidence' used to detain Omar Khadr would never stand up in anything but a kangaroo court, fuck the US government for turning what was contractually supposed to be a naval refuelling station into a war-crime ridden black site and continuing to occupy foreign soil despite the Cubans wanting them gone, and fuck my government for turning a blind eye to the Americans torturing one of our citizens for a decade.

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      I can't wait til we ditch that pattern too. It only blends in with gravel and shitty couches.
    • JeffMOD wrote:

      Prisoners of war are supposed to be treated a certain way. There are rules about this.

      The post-war Geneva Convention established new protocols; according to Article 4 of the Third Geneva Convention of 1949, francs-tireurs are entitled to prisoner-of-war status provided that they are commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates, have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance, carry arms openly, and conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

      In other words, if identified as an enemy combatant without the semblance of a properly organized militant, there's not much to protect a person from summary execution.

      Anyway, free Mumia.
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      My life sucks.

      can't get a job.

      was found to be autistic a few years ago and we found out after I turned 21 almost all mental health options open to me are closed or have a price hike that is bullshit. (fuck USA medical system, let it burn in it greed filled hell)

      Clinicly depressed and told I need a routine that I need to commit to but so unstable that I can't even go to sleep at the same time nomater how much I tried.

      Tried to OD on melatonin, apparently taking 200mg of it just makes me drowsy for a few days instead of a few hours. that and it is nearly impossible to OD on that stuff (have gotten help a bit) (a note I take 100mg just to sleep some nights so this was just brainless stupid in so many ways on my part)

      need therepy, but cause of the above autistic things, price is hiked to hell and back, when it would normally be free. now at the point I have panic attacks when around other people in RL.

      you know, I posted this topic as a joke back on the old forum. Now the joke is my life is nothing but rage and depression and there is not one fucking thing I can do about it. I know it could be worse, but fucking hell does life have to shit on me in ways that force me into a box of uselessness. And it isn't even down on luck homless shelter level, no I will never hit that point cause my family will not let it, but that means I am going to end up a drain on my family likely for the rest of my life.

      I could post that september 6 I go on disability but that just makes me fill worse, cause I am that useless. Dammit I wish I could get paid for what I can do and that is overthink everything, rant in ways that make zero sense, and do voxel work that no one will pay for (even though I have assets in a game).

      sorry about the rant needed to post this somewhere and this is the only place I can get away with it as I know no one in my family will see this. So it was either here or a porn forum and well here is less likely to write fan fic of it.