Last Film You Saw

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    • I saw ParaNorman last weekend and tomorrow I plan to see Hotel Transylvania.

      ParaNorman was...weird. I liked it, but it was...weird. And completely different from what the trailers led me to believe. Plot/spoilers in the dark-gray text:

      Norman is a boy, ridiculed by his peers, because he can see and talk to ghosts. He has become the laughingstock of his school. He has a crazy uncle who has quite disturbing mannerisms, and his grandmother, who died a long time ago, sits on the couch discussing the latest thing on the television. The town is obsessed with witch imagery because their claim to fame is that they were cursed by a witch that they lynched during the times of the Salem Witch Trials, so there are many witch-themed businesses about. Anyway, Norman's crazy uncle tries to get him to read a book at the witch's burial spot...but Norman wants nothing to do with him, and then his uncle dies from an apparent heart attack...but that doesn't stop his uncle from coming to Norman to plead his case once again. The book, the story of Sleeping Beauty, is to be read at the burial spot of the witch...and Norman initially dismisses it, but when zombies begin to come after Norman, he decides it best to try to do what his uncle requested. Spoiler: The zombies are of those that killed the witch, who was a little an innocent little girl, and they want Norman, not for food or anything like that, but to get him to read the book so that the witch can sleep for another year. The book has a spell that makes her sleep for another year and he would have to read the story every year until he can pass it on to someone else. Instead, however, the zombies, in their bumbling, have caused a riot in the streets of the town and a lynch mob has formed against the zombies. Norman, however, has another idea of how to rid the town...and the zombies...from the witch's curse: talking to her.

      I really enjoyed the film even though, at first, the stylization of the people were off-putting. The major thematic elements, once understood, were interesting, if a little heavy-handed at the end of the film, though it was done well. Comedy was good. Horror was good. Reminded me a little of "Monster House".

      3/4 stars

      I'm on this kick right now to see these kinds of movies. Hotel Transylvania tomorrow and perhaps even Frankenweenie when it opens. :)
      "A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have." --Roger Rabbit
    • I just got the first chance to see all of Batman Returns since I was a wee child. And holy shit, that had a lot of sexuality to it. I saw that shit when I was... that young!?!?

      I think I've got a Michelle Pfeiffer crush. Her portrayal of Catwoman was fucking beast. Not to mention the music... :jizz: Danny Elfman was like an evil Jim Dooley.

      The movie rocked. It was also completely crazy... The movie rocked and it was crazy and life is complicated.

      Dr. Strangelove;444122 wrote:

      I think those were two of the least funny things I've ever seen in this thread.

      Or in my entire life.

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    • I most recently saw Hotel Transylvania. Extremely predictable. Extremely. The gags went on for entirely too long and the character of Jonathan was teeth-gratingly annoying.

      Still, it was nice to look at and Mavis was cute in a computer animated sort of way. And the climax was fairly interesting. Other people found Adam Sandler as Dracula to be the worst character but I disagree. In fact, I, for one, forgot that Sandler was playing Dracula here. Jonathan was the worst character, IMHO. And Jon Lovitz was robbed; his character barely got any screen time.

      Still, it could've been much better. But it could've been much much worse. It's a meh movie.
      "A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have." --Roger Rabbit
    • If anything, it just reinforced the highly nihilistic feel of the lives of the Nexus 6 robots. If we go by Deckard being human, than yes, that would be the question. But if he's a replicant as well, that brings us to a whole new set of questions about romance between machines. Would such romances even have a point? Four years is very little time to live, and that's all the N6 models get. Would they really comprehend the concept? Or is it some forced tableaux hard coded into their cyberbrains? It really brings out some unfortunate implications.
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    • Just saw Wreck It Ralph. I liked it a lot, actually. It had enough cameos and references to real games to make it feel authentic (not sure if this the word I'm looking for but w/e), but the movie wasn't tied down to them and had its own story. Although I try not to guess the plot during the movie and just let it play out, in retrospect, it was pretty predictable, but that's to be expected for a family-friendly movie. The characters are all likable and interesting though and I think that's where this movie succeeds the most. I also thought the way it dealt with the whole issue of "what you're supposed to do vs what you want to do" was interesting. It's almost communist lol, but of course it's idealistic being a kid-friendly film. Though for being a kid-friendly film, Calhoun's self-censorship gets pretty weak at some points. I have to wonder how parents cringed at "pussywillows". Lol. Here's hoping this puts video-game movies on the map.

      Also, I think this is the first role I've ever not hated Sarah Silverman in. Also I didn't realize Alan Tudyk was in it until the credits and so I had to retroactively geek out.
    • District 9

      It was on G4, so I downloaded to finally sit down and see it. I was impressed. Namely because it was a Peter Jackson movie that wasn't nearly four hours long, as well as for the subject matter it portrayed. You really don't see that concept very often in this type of science fiction, where the aliens are being oppressed instead of the humans. The transformation of the primary characters were interesting to watch. I never expected it from a guy who looked like he was taken advantage of for the majority of his life, as he seemed more of a simpleton rather than what one would expect to be a likely hero.

      Plus the action sequences at the end were top notch, and CG looked entirely believable. Not once did I have my suspension of disbelief broken by poor animation.

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