Crouch-jump not possible when having custom keys (swapped SHIFT & CTRL)

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    • Crouch-jump not possible when having custom keys (swapped SHIFT & CTRL)

      i swapped crouch key from ctrl to shift and sprint key from shift to ctrl in game options. Crouching works and sprinting works....but not Crouch-jumping. It works ONLY when have original keys.

      This is a little bit annoying, because i need to crouch and crouch-jump very often, but my shift key is not simple to reach with the small finger on my keyboard. And i spend half an hour in the section c1a1d on the evalator, becuase Crouch-jump doesnt worked.

      In original Half-Life Source, it works.

      I'm using german keyboard layout, but this doesn't matter, becase we are talking about modifier keys.

    • I just checked in-game and I could crouch-jump with your control configuration. It may have to do with your keyboard layout, so we'll need to confirm that it works with one of the German members of the developer team.
    • I dont need a "Glaskugel" for this. Logitech restricted the illuminated Keyboard by deactivating some key combinations because it isn't a "Gaming-Keyboard" they say.
      Try the default key settings and then try to jump while you are running. Should be the same.

      You can find further information about this on Logitech Forums: Klick

      I feel sorry for you but this is a restriction caused by your keyboard and forced by its firmware :[

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    • Somewhere there is a fix for crouch jumping via a simpleentry in your autoexe.cfg.

      When you hold one key Gordon automatically crouch-jumps, if you just press it, it is a normal jump.

      Cant find the thread, so I post this here and don't take any credit for it.

      bind "space" "+crouchjump"
      alias +crouchjump "+jump; wait 5; duckON"
      alias -crouchjump "wait 5; duckOFF; -jump"
      alias duckON "+duck"
      alias duckOFF "-duck"

      //fix jump from crouch state
      bind "ctrl" "+normalduck"
      alias +normalduck "+duck; alias duckON; alias duckOFF"
      alias -normalduck "-duck; alias duckON +duck; alias duckOFF -duck"

      Replace they yellow keys with your desired key.

      To get a list of all keys, look here:

      The file is located in your Steam folder: Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\BMS\cfg

      Just add the above code to it.

      Maybe that helps.