Pinned [ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery

    • Ok I really think we are missing something. so I went in and checked some of the background maps using the thing bellow.

      ent_fire point_viewcontrol disable

      And I got nowhere well except I found out that all but 2 of the maps have a pizza, one has the questionable efficacs logo, and almost all of them had teh pizza is a lie somewhere. teh damn one has to be my favorite as where the generators would be in that one area is this.

      There is a button that seems to do nothing on the QE background map, and its the only one with a weapon you can pick up for some reason.
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      Compound gears, lantern gears or cycloid or combination, da vinci invented the lantern gear. I'm thinking, possibly we will need to work out the gear ratios, Almost all the displays in game have numbers with decimals. If this is the case, we already have some ratio numbers, 10.12, 2.34. which are more than likely reduced. Maybe when we have the right ratios, it will give us the amount of the first group of numbers, that when rotated, we know the size and ratio rotations on the next one, and so on and so on. Anyone good at this kind of math?