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    • Hi, everyone! Well yes i'm here because i'm stuck again, now i think is the AI (not sure of this), i'm in the place where the first Scientist tells you that he was bad luck and lose and he was there for open that door (for you), the you follow him and he will open a door locked by a biometric system (for eyes) and i went for the super bad ass gun and then idk how to do, where i supposed to go... My question is: the guy that open the first biometric lock system gate has to open the second one? I press 'E' and he only say: "Freeman you going to leave me here" (oslt not sure), well the point is he doesnt follow me and does not open the other gate. Sorry for my english.

      PD : If is a bug, please help with that i'll preciated it, BUT IF IS NOT and, i mean, there is a puzzle, a tiny place to go trough that i had not see yet, something that i have to smash with the super gun to make my way, oslt, JUST SAY: that guy (AI scientist) wont opent that door you need to go for other side! Thank you!

      PD : I did not play HL before Black Mesa, i played after Black Mesa acctualy(in HL i'm in the 3º chap), and i only played because of Black Mesa (ironically eh?), and i prefer if you do not make a spoiler.

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    • I don't recall this area in Forget About Freeman. Are you sure it is really on this chapter? Can you put here an screenshot of that scene?
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    • Avalokitesvara wrote:

      I just started this chapter and picked it up the Gluon gun.

      You're not in FaF, you're in Lambda Core, the next chapter up (and final chapter). The LC is a bit of a maze, and while I'd like to say I remember the specifics of the chapter, I've only played it once and even I got lost in it for a couple minutes.

      I just noticed danielsangeo's post, he'll be able to help.
    • Well, I would, if my computer wouldn't power off as soon as I get to the gluon gun. :( Probably a heat issue. However, from what I saw before my computer powered off is that you should be able to advance without any scientists. Just look for doors with a blue-white light on it which are unlocked doors. Don't bother with doors with red lights on them.

      Mr. Someguy: Technically, Ava is still in the FAF chapter (even though he's in the Lambda Core section of the BMRF) because he hasn't crossed the chapter line yet. The Lambda Core chapter is where you're going around flooding the chambers to start the reactor so you can open the portal to Xen. He's still navigating his way to that section so he's in FAF still.
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    • I was pretty sure that i was in the chapter 13, sorry. Yes is the 14, "Lamda core", well the 13th is too easy and too short, i can say that in my defense ;). And i didnt read the mesage "Lamda Core" when this chapter start, my bad.

      Btw (and this is offtopic because is a glitch report) all the names of the chapters when this appears in the screen have issues with maybe something about the characters config i mean UTF, unicode, oslt because are not showing well, example:


      But this is just in the hightlighted at the start of a new chap. In the picking screen for a new game are right.

      : I figured out, i'm not stuck anymore, there is a door in the back that looks like all the automatic doors but is an elevator's door actually, just press the boton and TA-DA! Shame on me! u.u, thankyou guys!

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