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      Wangman wrote:

      ac3d wrote:

      I posted a few in-game scripted sequence ideas in the Hazard Course thread that could take place in a cafeteria in between level segments in the Hazard Course (should they choose to include one) I'm making this thread to try and keep their thread clear of clutter while they do important stuff.

      Feel free to post your own in-game BM conversations/sequences, they can be anywhere in the game, as long as they fit with the BM universe, I guess they could count as fan fics, oh well.

      SCENARIO: After taking damage from something in the Hazard Course, Gordon walks into a cafeteria lounge, and sees Barney sitting at a table or leaning on a wall watching tv
      Woah, man-let me guess.. get into an argument with one of the female scientists again? here, it's on the house *holds out drink for player*
      Havin' a bad day champ? nothin' a cold frosty Poke can't fix *holds out drink for player*
      Now, just to be clear, this counts as the drink, okay? *holds out drink for player*
      Freeman, catch! *lobs the can to the player, will automatically be consumed on contact*

      SCENARIO: A group of scientists (2 or 3) and security guards (1 or 2) sitting at a table playing a game of poker
      *One of the scientists grabs a card*
      Well what?
      It's your move, Richard.
      I know, I know.. [Under Breath] Ah crap..
      Uh, hey, didn't they just call your name over the PA?
      Quit stalling, you're simply delaying the inevitable.
      *The player can walk around the table and see each player's cards*
      *When the player stands behind Guard 1 and looks at his cards, he sees that he has the losing hand, this initiates the next script*
      ah, AH, AAAAAHHH CHOO!
      *everyone drops their cards, they fly all around the table*
      My.. god!
      Cover your mouth, you're spreading germs everywhere!
      Hoooly hell!
      *The cards fall to the table and finally stop moving*
      ..Heh, sorry about that fellas, I guess we're gonna have to start over.

      SCENARIO: Same poker scene, this time no scripted animation, if the player presses E on one of the scientists:
      Stay back Freeman, who knows what biohazards you could've picked up in the Hazard Course with that suit of yours..
      The only biohazard here is your fasion sense
      *Scientist looks at the other players with a puzzled face*
      What's wrong with my polkadot tie?

      SCENARIO: A scientist is standing next to a security guard while he plays a Missile Command arcade machine
      C’mon ya alien bastards!
      *The machine yells out*
      Damn it!
      Mind if I have a turn?
      Huh, knock yourself out
      *The scientist excels at the game, in less than 5 seconds he completes the first level*
      *The Security guard lets out a sarcastic exhale and crosses his arms as he continues to watch the scientist advance to level 2*
      You see my friend, the key to victory is strategy
      Oh yeah?
      *The security guard walks over to the side of the machine while the scientist is still playing*
      Well here’s my strategy
      *The Security Guard drop kicks the side of the arcade machine*
      *The scientist jumps back surprised*
      Oh dear!
      *Coins begin to pour out of the machine like water*
      Hohoo yeah, come to papa!
      *The security guard scoops up a bunch of coins into his arms*
      *The scientist looks around to see if anyone’s noticed*
      I do believe some pepperoni pizza is in order, come on buddy, my treat
      *The security guard begins to walk over to the canteen with his heap of stolen coins*
      *The scientist puts his hand on his forehead, sighs, and shakes his head in disapproval*
      *the scientist then proceeds to follow the security guard*

      SCENARIO: Gordon walks up to a scientist and guard having a discreet conversation
      *They’re talking about a female scientist, who is a few metres away at the canteen with her back turned to them, gathering various food onto her tray*
      But I don’t know what to say to her
      Ah come on, just say the first thing that comes to your mind
      ..Nothing’s coming to my mind!
      Alright alright, fine, I’ll tell you what to say
      *the security guard whispers something into his ear*
      Now go over there and hit a home run
      *The scientist stands up, straightens his tie and takes in a deep breath, he then nervously walks over to the woman*
      *the scientist stands next to her, she doesn’t seem to notice him, she continues to study the food*
      Um, hello Annette
      Ah, Walter, what is it?
      There's something I need to to tell you, my density, has popped me to you
      Um, excuse me doctor?
      Oh, I’m terribly sorry, what I meant to say is, my destiny, has brought me to you
      Wait a minute, isn’t that a line from Back to The Future?
      Uh, well-
      That’s one of my most favourite science fiction films of all time!
      *The scientist plays it cool*
      M-Mine too!
      Come, you must meet my colleagues
      *The female scientist wraps her arm around his, leading him off to her group of friends*
      *The scientist looks at the security guard and gives him a cheesy thumbs up*
      *The security guard sarcastically gives a thumbs up back*
      *The Security Guard says to himself*
      I don’t know how these kids ever survived without me

      SCENARIO: Gordon walks into an office and sees a scientist under his desk looking for something
      Now where did I put my glasses?
      *The player can see that his glasses are on top of his desk, when he places them on the floor in front of the scientist, the next script is activated*
      There they are!
      (Achievement completed)
      *The scientist puts on his glasses, and then realises Gordon is standing there*
      Oh hello Gordon Freeman, it's good to see you

      SCENARIO: Gordon sneaks up on two soldiers
      Arrhh, where the hell are those guys? I'm starving!
      Relax man, our shift's over in 10 minutes
      aaaah I can't take it anymore!
      *The soldier uses his weapon to smash open a candy machine*
      Haha, now that's using your noodle!
      Just shut up and help me
      *Both the soldiers kneel down to grab the food, they stay in this postition until Gordon attracts their attention or kills them*

      SCENARIO: Gordon hears a scientist and soldier in the next room
      There, I've shown you to the weapons locker, now will you please let me go?
      Hmm, I'll think about it..

      SCENARIO: Gordon sees two scientists and a security guard crouching behind a cateen counter watching something in the kitchen
      What the hell is that thing? some sort of squid chicken?
      I'd say it's more of a "bull squid"
      Well, whatever it is, it's going through our whole food supply, we gotta take it out
      *Security Guard looks at the player*
      You with us, buddy?
      These were originally posted by ac3d. Several of them are pretty good and could be potentially be adapted to the Hazard Course.
      I really read this with @CornetTheorys voice in my mind... It was very funny.

      btw, nice work on HC... I surely hope that your work would be inserted on the BM Xen Update as an extra update.

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    • Just in case you're not aware of this, I've discovered a little change during the translation of the new bms.txt file of Black Mesa:

      "BMS_Hint_LongJump""%+jump% Activate Long Jump\n[Double-Tap Space while moving]"
      "BMS_Hint_LongJump2""%+jump% Activate Auxiliary Jet\n[Press once, mid-air for a small boost]"

      It appears the Crowbar Collective decided to change the long jump functioning in the game.
    • moddb.com/mods/black-mesa-haza…course-v100-mod-installer

      NOT Compatible with Steam-bought Black Mesa

      Merrick Simms wrote:

      It appears the Crowbar Collective decided to change the long jump functioning in the game.

      Interesting changes. Thankies for pointing it out to us!
      And so ends another post of pointless speculation.

      "120% sorry!"