Half-Life 2 Sound Replacement Pack

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    • Half-Life 2 Sound Replacement Pack

      Script changes
      -Barrels and mines now share the same explosion sound

      -Ammo, weapon and medkit pickup sounds replaced
      -flashlight replaced
      -Geiger counter replaced

      -357, firing sounds replaced
      -Crowbar, swing sound replaced
      -MP5, glauncher sound replaced
      -Shotgun, all sounds replaced, pump sound edited to fit BM's faster animation
      -RPG, rocket trail sound replaced

      -Health and Suit Charger sounds replaced
      -Crossbow, reload sound shortened to better fit animation
      -Tau Cannon, firing sounds replaced

      Download here
      Video Demo here

      note: Backup your Black Mesa directory before installing mods/fixes to revert changes later
      Install: extract to Steam folder.
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