[Suggestion] Half-Life X-Fortress

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    • [Suggestion] Half-Life X-Fortress

      Updated Thread as of 07/07/2013 added tech tree.

      Hi everyone, i've always wanted to see a half-life TeamFortress® Mod.

      i'm not a developer, i'm only doing fast concept/idea for the mod.

      The Mod will be a version of half-life turned into a (TeamFortress/Classic Fortress) gameplay while keeping everything from half-life series (monster/graphics all !)

      Half-Life X-Fortress:
      BattlePlans: i.imgur.com/aAdRWwL.png
      Tech Tree: i.imgur.com/1O7Jkba.png
      Shop: Building the tech tree
      The Shop will be used to purchase outfits such as the grenade/kevlar for extra protection, deploayble such as the TOW Launcher for the human, also the human/xenian vehicles.

      Or A xenian turret deployable, even their "special floor" which regenerate their health for a specified time.

      (Call-Ins support available at tech 3 for each hero).

      The Upgrade system:

      Q: What's the point ?
      A: the upgrade will be a secondary dialog/interaction from the shop which will be used to purchase new upgrade for weapon/player characteristic.

      Q: What you mean by upgrade for weapon/player characteristic.
      A1: For exemple the human will purchase "Bullet penetration" which allow the bullet to hit another monster, or even buy an upgrade to add "+10% walk/run speed" and or more %regen rate for their health.

      A:2 For the xenian this will be based on the same idea, for exemple if you purchase the upgrade "MightyAcid" the Bullsquid will got an upgraded "acid attack" which will allow to the acid, to STICK on the human skin, and stay for exemple 0.4s doing extra damage !,

      Or for the vortigaunt an upgrade called "LastBreath" which will allow the closest vortigaunt (ally/players) to share their health or add some health to their ally before they are dead. (medium radius,Green Beam Particles Between Ally).


      Last Team Standing (the last team standing will win*1 Refer at the bottom)

      Original Team: (Human*2 Refer at the bottom/HECU*3 Refer at the bottom/Xen)
      Advanced Team: (Human+Rebel/HECU+BlackOps/Xen)

      Mission Original Team:

      The Human (scientist and gordon freeman) must kill the other team to win which is HECU Marines+BlackOps and off course destroy Xen !.

      The Human(Rebels*5 Refer at the bottom)

      The HECU+BlackOps must kill every threat which is Gordon freeman and his rebels troops, and also the dangerous "Xen" *6 Refer at the bottom.

      Xen must kill everyone and rule over the world.


      Everytime you will kill someone you will get $Credits which are used to buy weapons/upgrade via the shop, and purchase technology to build more powerfull deployable, eg: Minigun->Mortar->Air Strike.

      32 Players ! epic battle.

      Each team will got the following Leader !

      Human: wiki.blackmesasource.com/Gordon_Freeman
      Rebel: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Alyx_Vance
      HECU: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Adrian_Shephard
      BlackOps: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Wallace_Breen
      Xen: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Nihilanth


      Human: wiki.blackmesasource.com/Gordon_Freeman Ability: can use the long jump module when unlocked at tech 4.
      Rebel: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Alyx_Vance Ability: can use his weird pistols and "zapp" the selected ennemy to figh at her side for 30s unlocked at tech 4.
      HECU: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Adrian_Shephard Ability: can use a Radio to call Backup if needed wiki.blackmesasource.com/Osprey which will drop 6-8 NPC marines in rappel to help.
      BlackOps: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Wallace_Breen Ability: can use a special vortex to immediatly return at the headquarters alone or with the teamate close to him (in the radius).
      Xen: half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Nihilanth can use a special ability to temporary slowdown the ennemies with his MindPower. or wiki.blackmesasource.com/Gargantua can use 2 ability: Kick(doing HIGH damage agains't close unit/tank) or stomp dealing a high shockwave and knocking down his ennemies.

      (1 hero can be selected, if alot of people want to be the hero, then a random player will be choosen)
      (more hero can be added perhaps ? such as gonarch for xen, and the Gman for the BlackOps)

      Extra Info:

      Info: *1 You can choose to be one team for exemple only the HECU, and don't team with the BlackOps*4 Refer at the bottom.

      Info: *2 The Human Include The Intelligent Scientist which is used to build Turret/mounted gun, Gordon Freeman which is the known leader, and off course the wiki.blackmesasource.com/Security_Guard.

      Info: *3 The HECU are the elite of the marines, known to be relentless and terminate their target at all costs, they are called and used by their known leader wiki.blackmesasource.com/G-man which is to test GordonFreeman at his end, or even control Xen for his own purpose.

      Info: *4 The BlackOps are professional assassins, their leader is unknown, only few rumor said that the Dr.Wallace Breen half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Wallace_Breen has hired these assassins in order to kill his great threat: Gordon Freeman.

      Info: *5 The Rebels are the veterans and The Resistance agains't Xen and the Governement, created by Dr.Gina Cross half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Gina_Cross

      Info: *6 Xen is alone but Xen got alot of unit/troops which are very powerfull and they will not tolerate that the human such as gordon freeman and the Marines, will stop their plans which is to conquer the earth and build a new age, their leader is known as half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Nihilanth.

      An old friend of Gordon Freeman, few changes has been done and now the leader of the rebels is half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Alyx_Vance. which include fighter/accurate soldier to help Gordon Freeman in the battle !.

      Global Info:

      The Battlefield area is a very large map, which can contain building,buildable position to allow the builder to create support weapon such as a Mortar, the terrain can be Snow,Sands,Grass, the environement can be Jungle/Xen/Black Mesa Outdoor area (like the map "surface Tension").


      If the developer of Black Mesa Source, will plan a day to make a Half-Life fortress ?, which can be seriously great.
      This isn't in developement this is only a concept/idea for the developer/people who wanna make it.

      Sorry For My bad english i'm french =D. i'll hope you enjoy the idea, i'll take it very seriously.
      Thanks For reading.

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