BMS Revamp Sound Mod

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    • BMS Revamp Sound Mod



      This shows some of what the pack does. You can compare it with other videos if you are not sure what you are watching or hearing.

      I have made a sound Mod specifically designed to go with the sounds scripts in the animation revamp. This is not just thrown together it has taken me a very long time and hours and hours and some more hours to modify and create. It is designed to work with the sounds included in the animation revamp release and Black Mesa and you need to install the animation Revamp pack before adding this pack. This Pack does not consider any of your current sound Mods and is intended to work as a third layer on a fresh BMS install.

      Although I would also suggest you install the particle improvement pack also for extra enhancement too.

      And this sound pack as the icing on the cake.

      The Download link is below. This is now named Black Mesa Soundskin It is catchier and does what it says on the tin....


      This alters a lot of sounds found in the animation Revamp pack and in Black Mesa... If you like it is a companion piece to both the Animation Mod and Black Mesa it compiles some sounds from other sound mods but most of it is my own work and balanced and cleaned up so as to not have inconsistancies.

      Change List.

      1. New Magnum Shoot sound
      2. New Magnum Cock and release sounds***
      3. Modified Crossbow shoot sound - you can now here an arrow whistling away
      4. New Crossbow Reload sound - Tension drastring***
      5. Crowbar now has more variation in sound hits and swing misses
      6. Gluon uses BMS Deafault sound but Classic Half Life Spin Down noise merged seamlessly
      7. Hivehand Classic but rebalanced so it is not so loud
      8. M4 New Grenade Launcher sound Modern compressed Tube and Whoosh and modified pitch and volume of the close tube sound when reloading the nade launcher***
      9. New Satchel Detonator Tone and click
      10. New Shotgun Sound for shooting and reloading - Very Meaty***
      11. Classic Tau canon but smoothed (Credit - Xalener)
      12. Classic tripmine sound HL1 but merged with Black mesa one
      13. Improved explosion sounds
      14. New Snark Hunting sounds My own design***
      15. New Sniper sound - it now echoes around (merged and modified original)***
      16. Classic Item Noises HL1 some merged with Black Mesa ones
      17. Classic Houndeye and Ichthyosaur sounds
      18. New sounds for growls and Melee attacks for Alien grunts***
      19. Complete Alien controller sound re-design***
      20. New Bullsquid Pain and die sounds***
      21. HL2 Zombie sounds
      22. One Tentacle bash reverted to HL1 sound and cleaned it up to keep continuity the distant sounds have also been altered
      23. Garg has new pain sounds HL1 style
      24. Improved Helicopter Hover sounds and cleaned up (Credit - HECU Marine)
      25. Added Original Vox to Retinal scanners but balanced the volume of Vox (Credit Ysreli214)
      26. Added Original Vox voice to countdown for rocket launch and omitted music from Blast pit***
      27. New Horror Short music stings with a modern musical feel at key moments***
      28. Some soundscape improvements ditant fighting and explosions (Credit HECU Marine)
      29. Lowered the level of the Teleport Machine in Lambda core (It is still very loud just not deafening)***
      30. Added Heartbeat sound that will play occasionly when shocked by a houndeye
      31. Half life 1 Alarm sounds volume increase (Credit - HECU Marine)
      32. Bloodshots Gib sounds and Body Impact Mod incorporated
      33. Ceiling Turret Sound Akin to HL1 And if you destroy one it will now make an explode noise***
      34. New Gunfire sounds for the Black Ops Assassins
      35. New Flare Sound Effect***
      36. New Gun Sounds use Black Mesa Default as the Base***
      37. Rebalanced the volume of Glock shoot sound as it is a bit too loud in IIOPN pack
      38. Added missing zombie swipe noise that was missing from files BMS Install
      39. Improved the mine explosion sound
      40. New distant shockwave explosion in ST***
      41. New Final Hit in apprehension before gordon gets knocked out***
      42. Increased volume of the trams trundling on the tracks
      43. New Vort pain sounds and recreated the threat line "DIE!" in HL2 vort dialogue
      44. Added the missing ambient sounds folder (Credit Strelok)
      45. Muted the idle HECU Marines (Credit Strelok)
      46. Lowered the volume of the explosions in Faf (this was because HECU Marine had them too loud)
      47. Rebalanced Soundtrack apart from tracks running on the game volume those have been omitted.*** (Please set your music volume to maximum)
      48. New m4 shoot sound
      49. New Tow sounds
      50. New RPG sounds
      51. Mortar script fix
      52. Hivehand script fix and new sounds
      53. New Long Jump Module sounds credit Acoma but I have altered the sound.
      54. Explosions do not change volume any more
      55. Yeah... Many Many more

      *** = personally what I feel are Highlights of this pack


      This is for existing users of the original final release as an update. Sounds for the M4/MP5 are available to swap whichever you are deciding to use..

      And that is it... The pack is a mixture of classic and new you can download the file use windows or winrar to unzip extract and listen to the sounds yourself pick and choose or have them all.

      Put the folder in your root BMS folder and copy and replace to install all

      Enjoy!!! :)

      You need the Animation Revamp Pack for it to work 100% here and you need to install this first!!!.. The download link is in the Video Description

      The particle effects can be found here although this is a reccomendation and not required


      animation Revamp by - IIOPN
      Particle effects Pack by - DSD

      This Soundpack Mainly Me but Credit also must go to Halferuga for some classic sounds / Ysreli214 for long jump module and retinal scanners. Hecu Marine and inspiring me to update the Horror stings and some of his pack but re-edited some originals as HECU Marine clipped some sounds and distorted them.. Xalener for the work done on the tau canon.. I felt this was superior to what I did so included this in the pack. I also Added Bloodshots sounds to the pack for Gibbing and Body Impacts. Streloks muted Marines and missing ambient sounds folder. Credit to Acoma for the long jump module sounds which I have edited

      These 3 mods combined should improve the core experience of Black Mesa and take it to new heights... Please note that using these mods with custom maps have caused instability in game... So I reccomend only using these 3 mods combined with the default Black Mesa install without expansion projects.

      Comments and feedback welcome I hope you enjoy this on a fresh play through

      Things not being done

      Not changing HECU Marines Voices
      Not Altering the M4 Reload, RPG sounds or Glock provided by IIopn if it's not in my folders that means it is staying.
      Not Altering the Assasins voices
      Not Altering the Vorts although the Vorts in HL2 should have sounded different... The vorts will stay as HL2 sounding Vorts
      Not Altering ground sentry turrets
      Not Altering Headcrabs
      Not Adding any in game music from HL1 or HL2.

      You are responsible for backing up your own files.... Do this by copying your BMS/sound and script folders to another location on your hard disk to revert back to default copy and paste these folders back in too overwrite all my hard work :(

      This is a Community Project...This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

      Things I wanted to do but could not do or did not get around to doing.

      More Original Vox lines
      Cockroach scuttling sounds when cockroaches are present

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    • striker wrote:

      Might you please make a video of your sounds on YT, so we can have a hear before installing?

      Sorry no just download them and play them in a media player like windows media player.... Perhaps after feedback and final release

      @Dragonov yeah... This one may need some more work or a different sample of the same sound

      *edit* I have fixed it, it sounds less muddy I'll wait for more feedback first before version 1.2 I will also be updating the NPC Magnum also to a more suitable sound.

      I am also slightly raising the volume of the crossbow reload sound as a confirmed alteration

      Cleaned out the hiss from the Tau Canon

      Any requests are welcome for 1.2

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    • Ok Nearly finished version 1.2 I have added quite a few things and improved it quite a bit....

      But I could do with some help or advice....

      There are 2 things I would like to do these are as follows.

      1. When using the crowbar I would like to lose the bullet metal.impact sounds and use the classic crowbar sounds...Say when hitting a metal wall.

      2. When an Explosion goes off near the player and the sound goes off... I would like to play a heart beat sound... This would tie in nicely with a flatline sound when the player dies.

      Ok so the question is can both of these be done by using a script file???

      Does the model when compiled tell it what sounds to use??

      And where is the script for the explosion effect of the volume going off temporarily... Is that in a script or hard coded?

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    • To anyone following this project version 1.2 will be a huge update and an across the board improvement pack.

      I have spent a long time updating and alot of mprovements to current sound effects in game and modifying Black Mesa ones.

      It is taking me a lot longer than expected the core of what I have wanted to achieve is now done but theres a few tinkerings I have left to do in terms of extra sound content.


      I have managed to get the heartbeat sound working but only when a houndeye attacks... This comes under the command


      What is the command for an explosion??? What damage type is it? Any help would be appreciated please....
    • Ok version 1.2 is now available for download... Please remember you need to install Iopm Animation Revamp pack first the link is in the first post.

      This superceeds and replaces 1.1 entirely... I hope you people enjoy this... it has taken me a very long time and many hours tweaking and improving some of what I had already done quite a few aspects but I do hope you agree that this really does make a huge improvement to the sound to both The Animation Revamp and Black Mesa.

      Feedback Welcome and get playing Black Mesa with all these new enhancements...

      The only thing left to perhaps include in a another version is ceiling turrets sound and more vox lines... But if there is a version 1.3 there will not be much changed... but anyhow I am having a break for a bit now...and wait for feedback... I may put a video together now as It is far more polished than the previous version.

      If you want to test this now..

      Go into developer console and put.

      sv_cheats 1
      impulse 101

      point your crooshair at the floor for npc's

      and put

      npc_create npc_alien_grunt
      npc_create npc_bullsquid
      npc_create npc_alien_controller

      To hear new npc sounds in action without having to play through until you meet them

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    • Ok Quick update

      I am moving towards a final release on this... Should be done by the end of the week...

      The weapons I don't plan to change any further atleast I am happy with what I have done with them in conjunction with the animation revamp.

      There will be a 1.3 release but I am holding off releaseing what I have done extra so far because I would really like some feedback on what is already released.

      So far as pack 1.3 (final)

      I have modified the ceiling turret sounds and they sound particularly awesome now and done this with HL1 sounds... The Ceiling Turrets will also make a explode noise if you destroy one now which it never did before.

      I have added in a couple of more Vox Lines

      I have improved upon the tentacle noise as there was an inconsistancy with the strike near and far sounds this has now been doctored up and sounds good in there.

      I am now planning to improve the sound of the 50 calibre and the flare these are going to be the last ones I do for weapons....

      So I will hold off releasing final if anyone has any requests before I put this in as final please speak up.

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    • That should already be in the soundscape files....

      I have altered some soundscape sounds already... I will have a look but what I don't want to do is create inconsistancy of which I have a little which I am now fixing with the tentacle... The distant gunfire sounds are a lot better now in surface tension for example

      The other inconsistancies are the long jump module and the retinal scanner access granted noise.

      The problem is at map level the sounds are triggered.

      When going into the test chamber Access granted will be said twice rather than just once.

      When you get the long jump module the scientist will talk at the same time as the HEV suit...

      This could easily be altered at map level but I am not decompiling maps just to get sounds to work on these 2 instances more fluidly.

      So I am going to cut these sounds and revert back to the default Black Mesa ones... The only sound that will stay will be the "Access Denied "Vox and "Access granted" will be cut.

      The sound files will be included but in a folder marked continuity error.

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