Level Designer (Multiplayer) [Currently Filled]

  • Level Designer (Multiplayer) [Currently Filled]

    We are looking for experienced Level Designers to work on Black Mesa's upcoming multiplayer component.

    Ideally the candidate will have:

    Three to four years of experience with Hammer.

    Be confident designing both original levels, and remaking classics that are suitably balanced to engage the player and provide an enjoyable gameplay experience.

    An interest in architectural and enviromental design.

    Experience of iterative design is essential, along with the ability to write clear and concise documentation.

    Scripting experience would be advantageous.

    Communication skills are essential.

    Applicants should send a link to a portfolio or a zip/rar with examples of compiled and finished work. VMF examples are essential.

    If you meet the above requirements, a standard art test will be sent.

    Please send all applications to [email protected]

    (Please note this is a non paid position).


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  • I've got some decent experience with hammer, started messing around with it about 4-5 years ago. I've made my own textures as well, here is a link to game banana with my good maps:
    As you can see on the page I have two remake maps (g5 building from perfect dark for n64, and osamas hideout, at abbottabad. the former was made using blueprints of the building itself as well as pictures of the compound from the outside etc.)
    I feel that my best and most fun map to play in multiplayer was de_traverse. Despite never "completing" it, it was always fun and dynamic to play even with bots. I have even considered porting it over to CS:GO and finishing it up, maybe it would be better as a multiplayer level in black mesa though?
    Anyway, I would love to help you guys out designing some maps n such, and will be sending some examples of my work shortly
  • Greetings,

    My name is Julian Weiss, but I go by the handles Sam Colt and/or Deschain. I've been mapping for around three years as a community mapper for Goldeneye: Source, though I'd rather say that I have 1,100 hours logged in Source SDK.

    The first map I made was a recreation of the MI6 level from 007 The World Is Not Enough. In my second map, 1138_hangout, created for my clan, I experimented quite a bit with interactive environments, most notably a Gman easter egg which can be unlocked through a somewhat elaborate sequence of world interactions. I also included diverse sets in the map, ranging from a cemetery and catacombs to a room devoted to the Mushroom Kingdom. My third map was a recreation of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's not a multiplayer friendly map, I'm sad to say, but it is more-or-less accurate to the actual dimensions of the Great Pyramid. My forth and most recent map, ge_garrison is set in East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. It pits MI6 against SPECTRE in a Soviet military base. Currently I'm developing a Fort Knox map.

    I'm rather sad to say that I lost most of my VMFs when I switched from a desktop to my current laptop and my backup of /everything failed, so I can only offer the VMF of ge_garrison for consideration, though I could rip the VMFs from my maps if you so desire.

    You can find pictures of, and links to, my maps here: samcolt1138.imgur.com/. Each album contains links to their respective BSPs and VMFs. My Steam profile can be found here: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012245066/.

    I hope to hear from you,
    Julian Weiss
  • stormseeker wrote:

    Please send all applications to [B][email protected][/B]
  • I would apply if i fit all the right credentials. Would love to work for Black Mesa in the level designer or programmer position as i've scripting background. Unfortunately i don't have the amount of years in experience required and also not logged in a lot of hours compared to Sam Colt in Source SDK. Best of luck to those who do apply!
  • Hi, my name is Leo, I contacted Carlos before for the project, unfortunately it was already too late and the game was already on the last stage of production.
    But if you need a level designer designer / environment artist, I work as a Lead Environment Artist, and I'd love to contribute to this project. I also love Hammer, and have more than 4 years of experience with it. I don't have much of a Hammer presentation, but you're more than welcome to visit my online portfolio and I have a Portal 2 map here that you can check out.

    Please contact me if you think I could work as a freelance artist.