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    • Even though the notion that they don't want to make videogames anymore is a fallacy, the fact that they don't have to should not be dismissed. Pretty much that is the only false thing about the video, the rest is true, I wouldn't even call it a parody, save the imitator, forced jokes and bad acting. It's more like free advertising with a spin on it, I couldn't shake the feeling of a commercial in the end.

      For the comments, people react too negatively over nothing, the double even mentions Valve having games in development, but he brought up a fact that people often don't want to hear despite its obvious and logical nature they get butthurt about. Valve do what they do to make more money in the first place (A counterargument often is: "Not true, they are already rich and don't need more money!!!" that's just stupid, they would be a charity with such a mindset) another thing is that they could make toilet paper and release HL3 20 years from now or never and still stay above the water in the industry.

      The video as I see it is pretty much just a reality check for those of us who think that Valve are dependent on Half-Life fans or owe us anything. They are working on HL3 from good will and likely because it's still important IP to them that they relate to and enjoy working on. We made a purchase for a product without any sort of contract which would oblige them to release sequels periodically for us, we've already got what we paid for.
      There are only some unwritten but expected "moral implications" that go along with it, like without their original title, they wouldn't be where they are today. So to "honor" it, continuing it is in order or something.
      But yes, the harsh truth is that they don't have to and HL fans really are a minority when it comes to their revenues.

      The good thing is that it's being worked on, which the video doesn't deny, so all that's well ends well.
    • The only thing I don't understand is how could they be so cruel to just leave us on a terrible cliffhanger ending in EP2 and then take a lifetime to write a sequel.

      I would have been happy with another 3 hour episode, and ready to wait 12 years for HL3 afterwards.

      Sersoft : You just haven't spent enough time on the internet to understand.
      Someonerandm : Understand what?
      Ramirezoid : exactly.
    • Coincidentally, I was thinking all day about the reasons behind EP3's cancellation and then I realized this, EP1 reuses about 70% of HL2's assets, while EP2 reuses about 50% of HL2's assets. Then one mustn't forget that EP3 was to be:
      * set in snowy areas with advanced weather likely too
      * and even to feature a brand new Alyx model despite being meant to have been just an episode
      * new weapons and enemies the former nontraditional for an episode
      * new rebel models, so almost everything all new

      It is unlikely it would have included as much as 20% of HL2&EP1&EP2's assets. With that in mind, there was no reason for it to have stayed just an episode. So they pretty much went like: "screw it, we are going to build a new engine first and then will port it" and that's likely how HL3 have gone into development. All just my speculations, of course, but tell me I'm wrong :-]

      With that being said, suddenly obvious, isn't it? For the communication, lastly we were told from Valve (more or less): "we rather do x than just talking about x and instead of making excuses for not having done x in time, we stay quiet because no info isn't worse than bad info"