Black Mesa Classic Weapons

    • make are beter

      this is what should be black mesa zmobie sounds and barnacle scary sound to catch human and eat. ..... I dont like black mesa barnacle and zombie sound so this is why half life beter then black mesa . Half life have scary scenes, scary sound, creepy zombie model . And half life is are fantasctic game black mesa is more realistic so thats the problem. am happy see very good lightstyle. :thumbsup:
    • So I managed to revive my account, looked at my old posts cringing at my 6 year younger self, and all because I wanted to say this.

      I love what I've seen in this topic so far. Nostalgia hit me straight on with these screenshots and gifs. Hope this weapon pack gets released soon, I'll definitely replay the game with it.

      Cheers and good luck! This is one of the best mods for Black Mesa I've seen so far.
      "It appears the containment system has completely failed."