The Story of Gasworks, Part 3

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    • Finally had the chance to read through all these blogs.

      I'll just start off by saying how incredibly interesting it is to see the complete process (or at lest half of the complete process? 8| Like seriously I'm not sure how there will be three more iterations after this). There's a lot of stuff here that I probably hadn't thought about during my own mapping, although I think there might have been a thing or two that I did think about without realizing it.

      I think that the current version is gorgeous. At least, in compared to the other versions. Yeah, it's mostly because of the new lighting on the surface and the storytelling that's going on with the towers (which, you're right, environmental storytelling is always awesome). With that in mind, yes I agree the lighting is too much, and you've said that this has since been toned down in later iterations.

      That idea of runthroughs is also something that I always wanted to do. I've not yet had the chance to do something like but I can already imagine how thoroughly useful that would be.Just want to give some comments on previous blogs too since I am here.

      I can see the whole argument about placing details behind fences. Granted the ability to interact with the environment is limited with the source engine, but placing it behind a fence is a way to have it not be a thing at all.

      I've had no experience making multiplayer maps but I've had similar ideas regarding level of detail. For a long time I enjoyed playing TF2, which can be a very fast-paced game where a second can mean a lot. While it's tough to say whether or not MP would be faster or slower isn't something I can glean right now (though if HLMP is any indication it'll be pretty fast), I would too say that it's best to keep the player's mind from wandering too far. Dem wall details tho.

      Everything else was fairly informative, and overall I really enjoyed reading these blogs. I look forward to the next iteration (of both blog and map)!
    • I know that I don't often post on the forums, but I have read all of the Gasworks topics and have found them extremely enlightening and it honestly shows your dedication. Yes, you have had your mistakes but you have learned from them as you progress through things. I wish I had that kind of dedication. Honestly, sometimes being slammed with "You did this all wrong" would just kill my motivation and sometimes make me less eager to restart from scratch. Keep up the good work!

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      FYI, When I play Half-Life 2 Gordon is a horny, filthy bastard who fondles Alyx with his eyes but is just about managing not to scare her off by keeping quiet instead of blurting out all the filth that's running through his mind. I swear Eli knows though, with his talk of 'doing our part' to repopulate the species and his knowing winks. It's like he can see my facial expressions (and the bulge in my pants/HEV suit) while I'm playing.

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      No one likes you.