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    • I think the only things that are still tripping me up now that I am used to it:
      1. Font color of text could be lighter
      2. "new thread" right next to the "reply" button at the bottom of the thread. I would think the "new thread" button should only show on the forum area at the top, and not on a specific thread?
      3. "quick reply" offered the ability to pull up a 'reply' box AND quote someone specifically all in the same stroke. Is this something we can still get?
      4. "mark this forum read" and "mark all forums read" still seem to be missing?
      5. "Show unread posts" still seems to be missing? This is a temp link that I saved, but perhaps it could be added as a quick link as well?
      7. Dashboard - I thought this was all unread posts, but it isn't?
      8. Conversations dropdown - Does not seem to show the latest conversations? The drop down appears to show conversations from 2010 and 2011 even tho I have had others since then.
      9. Moderated threads are a white background on the dark forum which seems shocking and disruptive to our moderators. I dont know what kind of tweaks are available to use in this forum software, but perhaps have the moderated backgrounds stay the same color as all other threads with the exception of perhaps changing the title of the thread to a different color? Perhaps change the moderated title to be a maroon red, or even white? The title for a regular thread is blue, so changing the title color would seem a good enough indicator. Moderators? What says you guys? This is your deallybob so you would have better input than me.
      10. And last but not least, the most questionable and controversial suggestion ever...At the top there is "Forum" "Members" and "Dashboard". I would hope for an "Administration" button added where a list of contact people are offered to those that need help. Website and forum administrators, wiki administrators, forum moderators, and other general contact info for folks that are having a hard time registering or have website issues or wish to communicate with a specific moderator. Regardless of whether someone is logged in or not shouldn't they be able to contact someone about a problem? Obviously we don't want outside people spamming our inbox, but would this work with the conversations area? That said, is there a way to tell the conversations area "I don't want to read this person's messages anymore" so that we can put a spammer on ignore? Again, I don't know what the forum software is capable of, so I have no idea if this is doable or a can of worms.
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    • I've seen quite a bit of spam on the new forums now that you mention it.

      Since I haven't been on the forums in so long, I asked Crypt my Hazard Course team mate if this was normal, or because the new forums have attracted it. He said that from what the moderators have said, it is normal, but is usually dealt with quicker, so in the past you didn't notice it so much.

      I'm not sure that an ignore button would help with this kind of thing, because new forum members, and guests, would still be able to see it. And it could be abused in cases of mere disagreement.

      Perhaps instead, if three or more new comments or threads have been posted close together spatially by the same person, they could be condensed into a single "possible spam" block that can be expanded if you still want to view it, and once reviewed, if found to be spam, is deleted and the person who posted them is banned. Is that possible?

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    • Yeah, that is the part that I can totally see why we have contact information shut down and NOT available to outsiders. If someone is banned and decides to be a prick about it, he could use the contact page to spam argue with the moderator or other contacts. On the other hand, it would seem to me that there should be some sort of information/contact page tho for folks that are having a hard time getting registered in the forums. The FB page gets messages like this once in a while and I am never sure where to point them to 'officially' other than 'ah... contact josh hubi on his facebook page?' kwim?

      Plus, josh is a busy man. Why should HE be the only one to get bothered over forum problems for people trying to register. If an outsider has access to more than one contact name tho, it would seem easier for it to be handled swiftly.

      Going back to the banned user, he may try to bug the people in the contact list, but having an ignore feature included in the conversation area should sufficiently offer the contacted person to ignore all conversations from that user from that point on. The humongous problem to overcome is whether or not a hidden unique identifier could be automatically associated to that user or not.
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    • I'm also missing the "Mark all forums read" button, but you can double click on the BM logo next to each forum to mark its threads read.

      The Dashboard button seems to be a combination of Unread posts and recent activities (basically the right-hand feed given its own page).

      On the topic of ignoring stuff, though, I would appreciate the ability to keep specific threads from appearing in the unread threads list. Some threads are super active and I very rarely care to check them more then every now and again. Or perhaps a separate "Subscribed only" tab, or something of the sort.

      And as nice as the similar threads list is, I'm so far finding it completely useless, and often filled with dead threads.
      And so ends another post of pointless speculation.

      "120% sorry!"

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    • I'm quite liking what I've seen so far! Everything is running nice and smooth, and it's much more aesthetically pleasing!
      Now, not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but usually game forums only get major updates when they're expecting a large influx of new members and posts... Usually caused by an update to said game...
      Ah, I'm just being a hopeful little cockroach, don't mind me.
    • My only complaint so far is that it plays very poorly on mobile devices (well, at least it doesn't work very well on Chrome for Android...)

      Specifically, the site is completely unresponsive to scroll gestures on mobile, which means scrolling becomes effectively impossible on my phone. This essentially makes the site completely unusable.

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    • acade365 wrote:

      I really like the new layout, although the text could be a bit lighter. There's not enough contrast as it is right now IMO.

      Tiki wrote:

      • Text being more-white / less-gray wouldn't hurt. I recommend #A0A0A0, used here as an example.
      • The green ONLINE tag is really obnoxious on certain avatars!! (though I think an edit to my avatar is already in order)
      • I can't seem to find the option to set up a signature, despite prophesying the return of signatures last night.
      • Not bad otherwise.

      I agree with these guys

      The quotes feature is great too, and generally great feel
    • For what it's worth, I found the signature feature in Settings (top-left user dropdown menu). When I made that post, I swear it was only showing me Edit Profile... Oh well, that's good now.


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