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    • Steam Account Security - Top ways to stay safe

      There seems to be a lot confusion about account security. What should it be, what shouldn't it be. Is the user or the steam program really doing its part in maintaining the security of your steam account, blah blah blah....

      This is just a reminder to everyone that security is still owned by the user, not the software/program. For most of the userbase, (95% or higher) simple and basic computer security practices will keep your account safe and out of harms way. This is just a list of some of those basics to keep in mind.


      1) E-Mail Verification USE IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
      Verifying your email address with Steam improves the security of your Steam Account. Once you've verified your email address with Steam, both your Steam Account password and access to your email account are required in order to make any changes to your Steam Account credentials, such as your password, secret question and answer, and contact email address. This helps further protect your Steam Account from being stolen by a potential phisher.

      There is absolutly no reason you should not be doing this. Go here for more info:


      2) Protect your steam account login/password info with your life. The only places you should be keying your password into is one of three places, the steam interface itself, or two specific websites that you typed into the url address bar YOURSELF. That would be the Steam store or the Steam Community (notice the S in https for SECURITY!)

      Remember, just because it says doesnt mean it really is Amirite!? Right!

      So .........

      • Don't click links. Type it in if you want to go somewhere on the net.
      • VALVe/STEAM/VAC Employees will NEVER use free email providers such as gmail, hotmail or msn and they never contact you out of the blue. Never. NEVER EVER.
      • VALVe/STEAM/VAC Employees will NEVER ask for passwords. Never. NEVER EVER.
      • Do NOT use the same username/password as what you have on other websites/forums.
      • DO NOT give your key or password out. NOT EVEN TO:
        • Your mom, brother, dad, sister or other relatives
        • Your friends, pretend friends, bestest bestest friends in the whole wide world
        • People in Im's, Pm's, or other messaging systems ANYWHERE
        • Anyone offering free games or free anything. There are websites that LOOK like a Steam website, but they are fake and phish for account details rather well. So be careful...Especially "links" sent to you through a "friend" that take you to a fake website that LOOKS like the steam community. Remember, once your account is hijacked, the first thing the diptwad does is pull up your friends list and then starts sending pms to them to see who else might click the provided link and login to the fake steam site.


      3) Be careful of outside programs that could compromise your account.
      [INDENT]Viruses, keyloggers, spyware... all of that is a potential issue for your steam account so be sure you have programs (PLURAL) to keep you clean and clean often! I can't stress this enough folks! Just cuz "Malwarebites" doesn't find a Trojan doesn't mean you are clean. It may be that "Adaware" or "AVG" find something that others don't find. There are enough free programs out there... USE THEM! and use them often! [/INDENT]


      4) Cheats or Modified core game files.

      [INDENT]If you have done either of these things then you need to stay away from vac secured servers.

      Example: You install and play PARANOIA or BLOOM MOD which are mods that clearly announce that they use a modified opengl32.dll file. This is not a "cheat", however because it uses a modified game file... and if you do not switch it back to the original game file before going on a vac secured server... you WILL BE FLAGGED FOR A VAC BAN. No it will not be unbanned. VAC bans for specific code behaviors, not intentions.[/INDENT]


      5) "No thank you!" Be careful who you accept gifts from! Be VERY careful!
      [INDENT]Example: Joe Shmoe is a Smuck. He stole his best friends mom's credit card and went out and purchased a bunch of games with it. He then turned around and either gave them away via the "gift" system or he SOLD the games. The unsuspecting person receives this gift or game and assigns it to his uber leet kewl steam account that has over $200 dollars worth of games on it. A month later Steam revokes access to that game due to credit card fraud. You are out your money, so take care of where you get your games from!

      My Gift Has Been Revoked
      I received the following error:
      Your recent gift of < Steam Game > from < Steam Gifter > has been revoked due to a problem processing payment for this item. The games associated with this gift can no longer be played as a result. If you would like to purchase this item, visit the Steam Store. Otherwise, you may choose to delete the local content associated with this gift.

      Reasons for Disabled Accounts
      Never accept a gift from an unknown user. Any accounts tied to a redeemed gift from a fraudulent source may be disabled.



      6) "OMG! I have been hijacked!" If for some reason your account IS stolen from you:

      Screenshot Instructions

      Text Instructions
      [INDENT]You have a steam account to play games on
      You have a steam forum account to post on the steam forums
      You have a steam support account for times you are having issues with your steam account

      1) Register a steam support account here:
      2) Then go to create a support ticket here:
      3) Be sure to give them as much information about your steam account and what happened.
      4) Be prepared to offer them proof of ownership. (Purchase receipt, CC billing statement, jpg scan of cd key or other proof of purchase)
      5) You will be using your steam support account to check on the status of your ticket here as well as sending any additional requested info. [/INDENT]

      Note: Tickets are answered in the order they are received and many times within 24 hours for hijacked accounts. The official time frame for tickets are 3 - 5 business days though.


      While you are waiting on your ticket here are some popular topics to read:
      [INDENT]Reclaiming a Hijacked Steam Account
      Contacting VALVe Billing and Support
      Account Security Recommendations
      Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC)
      I've Been Banned
      Disabled Steam Account
      Cheaters, Abusive Admins, New Cheats, and Cheat Websites
      STEAM™ SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT (sometimes referred to as the End User License Agreement / EULA)

      "Thank you, and have a very safe and productive day."

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    • This thread has popped up within four days of five members of Hampshire Heavies getting their accounts hijacked O_o

      Another thing to remember is that hijackers usually use your friends list against you to phish even more people, which is how five members got phished.
    • Also note people that not even VALVe or STEAM Employees will ask for your Steam Account Pass. Also they won't try and contact you on friends or any other IM. Also note that VALVe doesn't use free email providers such as google or msn... For example: or valve-corporation This includes those
      Oh your account has been flagged by VAC. To make sure your account won't get banned please submit your account name, password, and email to us.

      Steam Hac... I mean... Support. :)

      Sorry I thought that should be added with your

      "2) Protect your steam account login info with your life or whatever."

    • CatzEyes93 wrote:

      3) Be careful of outside programs that could compromise your account. [INDENT]Viruses, keyloggers, spyware... all of that is a potential issue for your steam account so be sure you have programs to keep you clean and clean often!

      Guilty as charged! :awesome:
      Moral of this sig: Don't mess with a suave guy with slick hair and cool clothes that knows Gun Kata.
    • coldroll wrote:

      Also I know a new rule block anyone who gives you an invite, and you don't know them.

      That's not necessarily good advice. I've added a few people that I haven't met except through the BM Chat, and there has been no mutual password theft.

      Ramirezoid;363987 wrote:

      One day in 2001 I came home 5 minutes late from my friends house, so my dad grabs me, throws me up to the ceiling, and while I'm in mid-air he manages to take off his belt and he uses it to hit a home run with my ass.
      I still haven't landed