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    • An upgrade in the HEV mark 5

      Assuming that BM will have the mark 5 instead of mark 4. And that BM is a separate organism from valve.
      I am suggesting to add a protection helmet which can contain more info about the world around Freeman.

      Now a alot will say halo much etc.
      But the helmet is made available only when Gordon suits up to go to XEn. For those who played hl1 you must have notice the hev with a helmet on the dead bodies that had already departed there.

      -The helmet will bring some more hudy aspect on the sides of the screen.

      -A little diagram that will show parts of the hev (legs, hand and so on) so when you get shot and that the hev is getting dmg at a specific part turns red. BUt will still offer protection Its just pictorial not very in the game or it can be just random. And turns back to yellow when recharge.

      -And maybe some more info like the vital fluctuation (hospital monitoring thingy). Which change when he runs, attacking, under stress and fear.
      And of course being dead. :D

      -And yes the gravity indicator cause xen has different gravity.

      -heV helmet would bring an additional 25 more protection point.

      Now since Black Mesa is a recreation of hl1 we all know what will be happening in the game (atleast most of it).
      This little add on to the original suit will put forward a little bit of new in the game hence promoting gamers curiosity a bit more.