How would YOU announce Half-Life 3

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    • It's E3 2018.

      Gabe Newell has just finished showing off the latest in Valve VR, Portal 3.

      The crowd is sitting there in a collective post-orgasmic glow, pants filled with fluid.

      The lights dim.

      A super cut of the half life story up to now begins playing.

      The crowd stirs, but remains mostly quiet not wanting to miss anything.

      At the end of the super cut we see Eli Cash get murdered one more time. Fade to black... but wait there's more! Slowly we fade into colour again with a wooden flute tune playing, it's the lambda symbol in light orange on dark orange, pan out, it's the back of a HEV, shoulders and arctic headgear in shot. Suddenly pan back and up, it's Freeman, standing on a cliff staring down at a crashed research ship locked in ice. The flute music has morphed into a triumphant orchestral piece reaching a crescendo at which point we see the Half Life 3 logo with "3/3/2019" written underneath. The crowd goes wild.