Cinematic Mod Re-Thought

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    • Han_Shot_First wrote:

      I'm actually digging the music. For course, the context for each track is absolutely key to make the music work, but it is certainly promising. I would like to see more!
      First of all, a pack may come out soon but i'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the scripts. Second of all I have about 103 song (just for HL2) to remake and I've olny done 30 not to mention there also the stingers, stil the pack is just for testing purpose and dosen't contain any music for now. (I forgot to mention this mod is For CM 13). And yes after I've finished to retouch some music I will post an other video. Thank you for the support. :thumbup:

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    • Johnwalter wrote:

      Oh sorry, i thought it is one song. :(
      I listen to first 3 minutes or so before my internet froze.
      I listened the rest of them know, the first 3 are calm and intriguing.
      While the last two are what i was looking for, a song for action.
      They would definitely fit while shooting the combine.
      Well actually the first song will be used for the H.E.V suit while the other's I havent decided yet and may need some retouch, but still I'm glad you like them :D and Thank you for the support.

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