"Cannot update control point 1 for effect 'flashlight_firstperson'." Console Flood

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    • "Cannot update control point 1 for effect 'flashlight_firstperson'." Console Flood

      The console keeps getting flooded with this message:

      This doesn't seem to be game-breaking by any means (I don't know what effect this has on the game itself), but it's annoying because it never stops filling the console, which means the messages constantly push up all my console commands, which means I can never really see the results of any command that I enter. As you can see, when I typed the 'jpeg' command to take a screenshot, the command already got pushed up by several lines by the time the screenshot got taken.

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    • Encountered the same problem while tweaking commands- I assumed it was a setting I changed... But I have my doubts now. In any case there is a simple fix. (Found on the Steam forums for Half-Life 2)

      Just add these lines to a config (Or enter them into the console):

      Source Code

      1. con_filter_enable 1
      2. con_filter_text_out "cannot update control point 1 for effect"

      As far as I can tell, this is just one of those dumb things that can happen in Source. It should have no bearing on performance or stability. So just ignore it with the above commands. (Change line 2 as needed)

      The BMS team will probably sort it out at some point.