Patch 0.0.2

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    • Patch 0.0.2

      The new patch is released! Introducing Black Mesa 0.0.2!

      This is a much larger patch than the last one. We hope that this patch has resolved most of the serious performance issues and stuttering in multiplayer. See the full changelog below:


      • Performance fixes: Dynamic lights removed from muzzle flashes and explosions. These were causing stuttering and performance issues in MP, which should now be fixed. Dynamic light options removed from menu as they no longer do anything.
      • Loading screens: Our flashy loading screen system now works properly for MP on secured servers (the majority of servers). Previously they only worked on unsecured and listen servers. Also made some updates to the loading screens' appearance to make them a bit nicer.
      • Spawn system: Fixed all players penetrating each other to death over a single spawn point during round resets.
      • Chat box exploit: Fixed a recently discovered bug which affects all Source games and allows players to execute commands on all players using the chat box, potentially crashing the server.
      • Tripmine hitbox: Doubled the size of the Tripmine hitbox to make it easier to shoot.



      • Crowbar range reduced from 76 to 40.
      • Crowbar force reduced from 20 to 13.
      • Crowbar attack speed on hit (singleplayer) reduced from 0.2 to 0.25 (is now 4 hits per second instead of 5 - is now the same as 2012 mod release).
      • Fixed weird recoil issue where if hitting the same spot repeatedly, the player's view would drift to the right.

      • Glock singleplayer damage reduced from 9 to 8 (to maintain 9mm parity with MP5).

      • MP5 spread (cone of fire) increased from 1 1 0 to 1.75 1.75 0.
      • MP5 horizontal recoil increased by factor of 1.75.
      • MP5 singleplayer damage reduced from 9 to 8.

      • Shotgun singleplayer damage per shot increased from 6 (48 total) to 7 (56 total).
      • NPC Shotgun damage increased from 15 to 20.


      • Enemy damage multiplier for hard difficulty increased from 1.5 to 1.75. Hard difficulty just got harder!


      Alien Grunt
      • Agrunt health increased from 96 to 120.
      • Agrunt Hivehand minimum range decreased from 256 to 128 (they are more inclined to use their Hivehand in close range, now).
      • Agrunt Hivehand max range increased from 2048 to 4096 (they are more inclined to use their Hivehand at long range, now).
      • Agrunt Hivehand usage increased and strengthened significantly:
        • Hivehand minimum burst size (minimum random number of bees fired per burst) increased from 3 to 5.
        • Hivehand maximum burst size (maximum random number of bees fired per burst) increased from 5 to 8.
        • Hivehand minimum rest interval (minimum random time between bursts) decreased from 2 to 1.
        • Hivehand maximum rest interval (maximum random time between bursts) decreased from 6 to 3.

      Alien Slave
      • Aslave health increased from 60 to 70.
      • Aslave zap damage increased from 20 to 30.
      • Aslave zap cone increased from 0.6 (roughly 50 degrees) to -0.70710677928 (135 degrees). They are now significantly more accurate when firing at you now.

      • Apache rest time (rest time between bursts) increased from 2 to 3.
      • Apache charge time (how long it takes to charge a burst) increased from 2 to 3.
      • Apache max burst count (maximum random number of shots fired per burst) decreased from 40 to 30.
      • Apache min burst count (minimum random number of shots fired per burst) decreased from 30 to 20.
      • Apache burst hit max (how many times maximum he will hit you before he stops his burst) decreased from 5 to 4.

      • Assassin damage bug fixed. Damage is now 5 (used to be 12!)

      • Ichtyosaur health increased from 260 to 310.

      • LAV damage increased from 5 to 8.

      Marines/Human Grunt
      • All Hgrunt healths increased by 10.
        • Commanders: Health from 60 to 70.
        • Grenadiers: Health from 50 to 60.
        • Grunts: Health from 50 to 60.
        • Medics: Health from 40 to 50.
      • The amount a medic can heal a fellow marine was increased from 25 to 30.
      • Increased Marine accuracy very slightly by reducing their spread from 6 6 0 to 5 5 0.



      Anomalous Materials

      Map A (bm_c1a0a)
      • Players should no longer get stuck in Freeman's locker.

      Unforeseen Consequences

      Map A (bm_c1a1a)
      • Kleiner now correctly looks at the headcrab that portals in after the dialogue with Eli.
      • Laser hallway beams now deal the correct damage.

      Map B (bm_c1a1b)
      • Players should no longer get stuck in Freeman's locker.

      Map C (bm_c1a1c)
      • Fixed visible nodraw area.

      Map D (bm_c1a1d)
      • Fixed headcrabs falling & dying on the headcrab lift fight.

      Map E (bm_c1a1e)
      • Fixed autosave loop on the crate jumping puzzle.

      Office Complex

      Map A (bm_c1a2a)
      • Fixed visible nodraw area

      We've Got Hostiles

      Map A (bm_c1a3a)
      • Fixed inconsistency between the 'We've Got Hostiles' & 'Blast Pit' transition areas.
      • Added visible glow to silo door button to indicate it is usable if the scientist is killed.

      Blast Pit

      Map A (bm_c1a4a)
      • Fixed inconsistency between the 'We've Got Hostiles' & 'Blast Pit' transition areas.

      Map C (bm_c1a4c)
      • Fixed mysterious hat disappearing after fan puzzle.

      Map E (bm_c1a4e)
      • Made adjustments to suspended pipe to fix the player getting stuck while trying to jump.

      Power Up

      Map A (bm_c2a1a)
      • Made control room guard a non vital ally after the the train is on the turn table.
      • Repositioned the shotgun and ammo in the control room to be more visible.
      • Corrected I/O that prevented the train from correctly passing the last guard checkpoint under certain conditions.


      Map A (bm_c2a3a)
      • Fixed control room scientist scene so it plays correctly.

      Surface Tension

      Map E (bm_c2a5e)
      • The outside tripmines now pose more of a threat to the player.
      • Modified the Sniper and Guard/Scientist scene to account for different player actions.

      Map F (bm_c2a5f)
      • Fixed fires not doing damage to the player.

      Forget About Freeman

      Map A (bm_c3a1a)
      • Fixed Vortigaunts blocking the doorway after the initial guard scene.

      • Weapon canisters dropped by players now use their HL1 behaviour - they drop the weapon + ammo that the player was using when they died. Previously they just gave you all the ammo the dead player was carrying.
      • Respawn time for all suit battery pickups increased from 15 to 30.
      • Respawn time for all chargers (health and suit) increased from 15 to 30.
      • Capacity of suit chargers reduced from 75 to 50.
      • Doubled the speed at which you place Tripmines in MP, to make them a more useful quick weapon.

      • Subtransit train is replaced with THE DREADNOUGHT. THE DREADNOUGHT is one lead tram and 2 flatbed trams connected together, with a 50 Cal turret on the front and back. Some known issues with THE DREADNOUGHT:
      • 50 Cals don't work until the tram moves once.
      • Using the front MG vs switching the tram can be slightly annoying at times.
      • You slide a bit around when using the 50 Cals while moving.
      • Subtransit weapon layout reworked:
        • There are now two long jumps. One on either side of the map's tram track in the dead ends.
        • Gluon is now in a spot only accessible by long jump.
        • Added the 357 back to the top middle arch suspended walkway.
        • Added a few shotguns.
        • Added rpg ammo to the top of the suspended large metal crate.
        • Added crossbow to lower hallway under suspended metal crate.

      • Increased red light brightness in vents.
      • Added a light in a dark corner in the large courtyard.

      • Undertow weapon layout tweaked:
        • Moved the vat room Crossbow to the suspended grate inside the vat.
        • Added a light to the spinning vat piece, near the Gluon.
        • RPG in the river is now above the water, so it can be seen by players.

      • Lambdabunker weapon layout tweaked:
        • The ladder bridge to suspended grate is now a Hivehand pickup rather than 2 Snarks.

      • Performance: Several performance fixes to improve the FPS on the map:
        • Replaced mine rail track, sleepers and fixings with one static model (improve performance).
        • Changed some models to static props.
        • Made all ropes static (not effected by wind).
        • Added hint brushes in tunnel below main shack.
        • Added an occluder to main shack.
        • Reduced chance for detail sprites on some paths.
        • Corrected draw distances on some models.
        • Tram lights are now static props.
      • Realigned textures on some displacements.
      • Moved shotgun in hivehand area due to clipping issues.
      • Made railing in hivehand area solid.
      • Made railing in central builing solid.
      • Increased clipping around bouncepad_02 near main shack.
      • Increased lighting in sewers from main dam.
      • Increased lighting near secure access door.
      • Moved bouncepad_03 away from displacements to aid access.
      • Moved 2 healthpacks near sewer entrance.
      • Cave paintings have more paint splash.

      • Changed the world models for the RPG and Tau to reflect their new viewmodels.
      • Updated the Hummvee to use proper specular and normal maps. Fixed lighting errors on it and improved its look significantly.
      • Fixed bad collision on some M35 (truck) variants, where players would get stuck inside them.
      • Updated the blast door model used in Surface Tension.
      • Fixed some of the pipe corner props so they are properly made of metal, insead of plastic.
      • Fixed the model properties on the Lambda Door to make it metal instead of plastic.
      • New models for the MP5 grenade and RPG ammo. Both should be more visible and unique looking now.

      • Updated the modelviewer images for the new weapons (the old ones were extremely out of date).


      Please be sure to restart your Steam client and download the latest update. Running a dedicated server? Please be sure to run an update to bring your build up to date. Players running on the new client version will not be able to connect to out of date servers. As always, be sure to report any issues you find in our discussion forums and thank you again for the support.
      Chon Kemp - Level Designer and Community Manager
      Creator of the Black Mesa "Uncut" Mods - Surface Tension Uncut and
      On a Rail Uncut
      My dev blog on the development of dm_gasworks
    • TextFAMGUY1 wrote:

      Spawn system: Fixed all players penetrating each other to death over a single spawn point during round resets.

      Also, sad to hear about the removal of dynamic lights on muzzleflashes and explosions. I suppose it was necessary for performance on servers, but any chance we can get the option of bringing it back for singleplayer?

      The Javid wrote:

      I can't wait til we ditch that pattern too. It only blends in with gravel and shitty couches.
    • OMG this is just 0.02 patch release, its already a lot of stuff have been changes and updated. I have a question
      1) can you make the sniper in SP killable using grenades!!!!!!!!????????
      2) Crossbow in MP, please remove the explosion bolts, player easily get killed by only 2-3 shot without scope.
      Johnny :)
    • Thanks for all the fixes and support to the community.

      Loving the DREADNOUGHT on subtransit! I can't wait to try the improved hard mode as well.

      Keep up the great work as always! I'll be looking forward to the next patch and some more user-created workshop content.
    • JeffMOD wrote:

      Also, sad to hear about the removal of dynamic lights on muzzleflashes and explosions. I suppose it was necessary for performance on servers, but any chance we can get the option of bringing it back for singleplayer?
      This is more of a temporary measure until we can take a closer look at the issue. If we can fix the underlying performance problem then we'll probably bring the option back.
      Black Mesa Lead Animator
    • Right after uploading patch 0.0.2 and restarting Steam I am unable to load into my saved progress via the map in "Surface Tension" where you have to avoid the many trip mines. I have several saved points into that specific map but it doesn't matter where I am. When those save points load for that specific map the trip mines are set off automatically. Therefor every load takes me to an explosion with white everywhere. I'm wondering if there were any unintentional changes that causes the trip mines to go off.

      My only option is to go back to another saved map (without the trip mine hell) and replay to that point. Unfortunately that save point is the helicopter duel. As I am playing on hard difficulty I find this to be somewhat taxing.

      I thought I'd bring it up incase I'm not the only one spawning into a white abyss over and over again. Maybe those save points got corrupted somehow but I'm no expert. Any suggestions are helpful.
    • just wanted to say that this is a great patch! I especially like the changes to enemies in singleplayer (I also made a ranty post about that in the steam discussions ;) and I really like that people drop their weapons now and not all their ammo.
      I played Black Mesa Singleplayer after steam release already (my third playthrough in total), but because of this patch I immediately want to start a new playthrough (especially because "Hard" is harder now!)
      I'm surprised that Gluon wasn't nerfed. I mean I think the Gluon is good right now (It is supposed to be the best weapon right), but so many people on servers cry about it. In my opinion people just have the wrong expectations when playing this game, because they played too many other shooters, they need to learn when to fight a player and when to flee. I hope when you nerf Gluon you won't break it, but you have the data you know what you are doing :D

      Still waiting for Surface Tension and On a Rail Uncut :(
      shut the fuck up and play
    • Problem for Linux dedicated server

      Me and a fellow server owner are not able to get our servers up and running on Linux, Debian for me, Ubuntu for him after this update.

      Executing server map config file
      Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server
      [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.
      dlopen failed trying to load:
      with error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to locate a running instance of Steam, or a local
      * Unable to load Steam support library.*
      * Unable to load Steam support library.*
      * This server will operate in LAN mode only.*
      * This server will operate in LAN mode only.*

      We are getting this, of course we've set sv_lan 0 but makes no difference, please take a look at this immediately.

      Edit: A quick note i'd like to add, please test your updates before release, don't do what Valve does.

      Edit2: As of now, i have not seen any Linux server that works in Black Mesa, the only servers that are running properly right now are on Windows.

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