Game changes

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    • Game changes

      In my opinion the game is necessary

      -Make the opportunity for players to change the color of the player like in the Half-Life 1
      -Transform functions RPG (sometimes uncontrollable rocket and fly to the other side)
      -Make main menu in the style of the first Half-Life
      -Make Magnum animation to in the charge fell out liners so much, how many shots
      -Change the model of the old HEV suit because the new - it repainted the model from hl 2
      -Transform helmet of alien grunt so it does not look like a Nazi (do elongated helmet like in the original game)
      -Do co-op mode (scientists and security guards)
      -Remove the sound of breathing while running because when the constant run is very annoying
      -Make hivehand less cartoonish (make darker violet)
      -Add fear scientists of player if he was shot by player
      -Make coloring crossbow silver top (as in the original)
      -Make a weapon box behind the armory Player for multiplayer
      -Make more brightness map with a gargantuan (POWER UP)
      -Make A new direction for the studio Steam (in particular the creation and texturing on the model)
      -Add Animations recoil when firing a alien grunt and human too
      -Make Backpackof gluon multiplayer
      -Make A zombie HECU marine
      -Make gasmasks lenses in green
      -Add The effect of compressed air for longjump when jump
      -Make The world a model of high-quality MP5
      -Make the effect of the emitted water from the hydroelectric power plant in the surface tension
      -Take the opportunity to do squat + jump by only space button in the game settings
      -fix ties on scientists
      -Make g-man gibs for multiplayer
      -Make the opportunity for players to costum scope
      -Make Barnacle susceptible to more NPCs
      Make a silencer of the model MP 5
      -Make Restrictions flashlight

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