Pinned Black Mesa Mod Work in Progress Showoff Thread

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    • black mrsa xen

      <p>I don see i a new screenchot of black mesa xen. it. Are long time i see are gonarch picture but to day i dont see anything new about xen how long we have to wait until realise xen or new picture becouse this is so anoying. Fuck this shit. Today i still play half life i can play 100 time and never bored but black mesa suck it becouse black mesa have are horible weapon and dont have scary sounds and scary scene, zombie ,alien model loook worth. Black mesa newer defeat half life original. I wach youtube black mesa vs half life and people. Dont like black mesa have beter grapchic but not beter then half life. Half life have scary sounds, scary scene zombie look scary. Black mesa is more realictic and half life look very good game it becouse its more fantasctic game. dont kiding me black mesa weapon sound it horible. It worth to make diferent weapon and aliens model. I like are new light stuff and large maps black mesa but not songs and monsters model. People dont like weapon model and. Sounds monsters black mesa. Half life forever........ dev teams dont care whoat people think about black mesa and whoat want. <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /> <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /> <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /> <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /> <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /> <img src="" class="smiley" alt=":thumbdown:" /></p>
    • what the hell happend to this thread? who are these bs-spammers? Sounds like the same guy with diffrent accounts.
      Anyway, this is not the right place for you complaints (And it's sure as hell not the right way to put your complaints, for that matter). So please, keep this otherwise interesting thread clean from these kind of posts. thanks.
      Co-creator of two humans.
    • Progress on retopo

      Alright, I've been making some progress on the retopologized Alien Grunt. Here it is.

      Notable difference are the addition of the teeth and the changes done to the claws. The claws have been rotated by 90 degrees to match how the Alien Grunt's appearance in the original Half-Life. Looks a bit weird in this pose, I know, but the Half-Life Grunt's claws are rotated horizontal when properly posed. So if I left the claws like I had it before, there would've been a noticeable difference to how the claws are posed.

      It may look "soft" right now, but that's because it currently lacks normal maps. I'll start baking some once the topology is good to go.

      The original Grunt model has 3,120 polygons, while the unarmored model alone has 4,761. Keep in mind that the unarmored model is only going to be seen once, so I don't think it's going to have the biggest impact on performance, as you won't see an army of them. As for the armored model, I plan for it to have less polygons compared to the unarmored one due to the armor not needing to be bent and stretched like the skin does. The skin underneath the armor will also be removed to improve performance.

      I imagine that the final armored Grunt will end up having around 4,000 to 4,200 polygons. I want to ask, though, is this bad in terms of affecting the game's performance? I do know that the Combine Soldiers from HL2 have 4,682 polygons (according to the wiki, anyway), so I don't imagine it would.

      Nevertheless, advice on polycount (and just general topology) is appreciated.
    • alien grunt

      incredible pictures
      • ZS5YwzU.png

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      • txeVMf2.png

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      • O6RPoZI.png

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      • nCt9L0I.png

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    • Old Hermit wrote:

      PotatoMuffin wrote:

      Still a work in progress. Should make the skin a little more tan to keep it in line with MenteR's original concept artwork, as the colors should be similar ‍ to a vort but not identical.
      Really liking the materials thus far. Are you thinking you'd like to try your hand at the hivehand as well, or are you going to match the armor to the vanilla's materials?

      I think I'm just gonna take the Hivehand from the vanilla model and put it on this one for the sake of consistency. I might work on a Hivehand model in the future but don't expect any promises. The only thing I really see "wrong" with the current Hivehand is the oversaturated colors, as it seems to be a mix of both the original and HD version. This results in making the Hivehand stand out too much when put on the Alien Grunt.

      In my opinion they should've just stayed with the original colors. The HD colors can probably ‍ work too, but idk the pallete resembles too much of a pizza to me.
    • Actually, doing a quick search on GameBanana reveals that it's already been done.

      Display Spoiler

      Look how the Hivehand doesn't stick out like a sore thumb anymore.

      Perhaps I'll do my own remodel of the Hivehand following the release of the Alien Grunt. No promises, though, but still a consideration. Would also help make my portfolio look better if I showcased a Hivehand model that didn't already belong to someone else.