BBMIP 3.0 or as I like to call it the vehicle update

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      You can improve the model of Osprey ? Near it does not look very good .In addition, if you make detailed interior, you really help the team that makes the Black mesa : Opposing Force cause they dont have modeller
      You aren't supposed to see his interior since he does appear only in scenes where you are far enough of seeing his inside part,however I do agree about the pilots and his outside part a bit undetailed compared to the new security jeeps.They can't help OBM team since it will cause a lot of copyright problems which may be caused but that decision,also they can look at the original Opposing Force design and other military games if they need it.
      Its not OMB team look is a theard Black Mesa: Opposing Force (Half-Life: Opposing Force Remake)
      I don't know much about them,I thought there are only one team and from what I heard, they had a lot of copyright problems in the past with their maps judging by the comments in their topic on this forum.So we can't take their work seriously because I saw on their Moddb page some maps like Communication Detour and they seriously wanted to implement them into the storyline and some maps that were created by russian mapper.
      Yeah that's was old images and stolen images i noticed that... that images was uploaded by TheNatureGamer.. our old mod leader. Now leaved it.. he was stoling the images from other mods. Now i'm the mod leader and trying gather somethings. I need much things... and much helps.

      "wanted to implement them into the storyline and some maps that were created by russian mapper."

      No we don't want and we didn't implement them. We made the part where is the broken pipes in Welcome To Black Mesa Chapter. Now we don't stoling the images and contents from other mods and trying not stole.
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