Black Mesa Crash :(

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    • Black Mesa Crash :(

      Hello, depuis ce matin quand je lance Black Mesa, l'écran apparait puis disparait et steam me dit:
      STEAM ERREUR Impossible de démarrer le jeu (application en cours d’exécution)
      j'ai désinstallé Steam, j'ai désinstallé Black Mesa et le SDK 2007 et tout réinstallé proprement, j'ai toujours le même message d'erreur.

      Hello, since this morning when I launch Black Mesa, the screen appears and then disappears and steam said to me:STEAM ERROR Unable to start game (application running)I uninstalled Steam, I uninstalled Black Mesa and the 2007 SDK and all reinstalled properly, I still have the same error message.
    • It's alway helpful to post your system specs when reporting a crash or asking for help, etc.

      I have a few things for you to try.

      First restart your computer, it is not the same as shutting it down and turning back on.

      It would also be helpful if you could post your systems specs.

      BMS Chicken Chonnage;350542145705980116 wrote:

      The only thing I can think of is that it might be a redistributable or a DirectX related issue. This can happen sometimes on Windows 10. Try downloading and installing these redistributables, see if any of these help:

      VC 2013
      VC 2010

      It also might be fullscreen related, we've had that reported sometimes too. Try opening the launch options, and setting the following switches:

      -windowed -noborder

      This can sometimes fix issues with the game launching but then seemingly not doing anything.

      Here is another thing to try if none of the above fixes the issue
      1. Verify your game cache once.
      2. Launch the game with -autoconfig launch option for the first time after verifying cache.…1216-JMTZ-0860#autoconfig
      After a successful launch remove -autoconfig from the launch options.
    • ok, my configuration:

      Asus P8P67 Deluxe Rév.B3 [Bios 1850]
      I7 2600k Socket 1155 Sandy Bridge [@4400MHz]
      16GB Corsair Vengeance Blue 4x4Go [1600MHz]
      Asus GTX980Ti [Drivers Nvidia up to date]

      Configuration in game 4K 3840x2160 16/9 options High

      DX9 ok
      VC 2010 ok
      VC 2013 ok

      It is the free version of Black Messa that did not want to be launched after a change of resolution, I buy the version Steam on sale at 7,99 € the game starts :)
      but the command Ctrl + Alt + Delete Crach in 4k mode 3840x2160 in 1920x1080p ok no crach and with the command -windowed -noborder ok but in 1080p no 2160p :(

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