A variety of issues, some long-standing, that need fixing.

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    • Johnwalter wrote:

      Dadster, honestly have you got any common sense?

      Are you so obsessed with those minor "bugs" that you still expect them to be fixed right now?

      I mean sure, even i posted minor bugs on the forum, many of them not making the game unplayable,
      like for example: shining a wall sign with a flashlight while the sign doesn't light up.
      And those small details are fine to publish on the forum, so it can be stored for later.
      But i have never written a sentence saying something like: "I urge the devs to fix this now!"

      So why are you still persistent into persuading the devs to fix that?

      Or a better question, if you are unable to express your reasons for this, why don't you fix them yourself?
      You obviously have an eager will for these "bugs" to be fixed, no one wants to do it, why don't you take a shot at them?
      I've got plenty of common sense. You didn't take note of the heading for this forum topic, "A variety of issues, some long-standing, that need fixing."

      Back before and after the release of the beta release of BMS, I submitted MANY issues on the forums. Knowing that the Dev team was small in scope and that they were working on BMS during their spare time, I expected that the important issues would be dealt with quickly and that the other less important problems would eventually be resolved later on. In order for the Devs to deal with and better track the influx of reported issues and lessen problems potentially falling through the cracks, the BMSCD Atlassian Bitbucket website for reporting BMS issues was established, so I started to report discovered issues their. I did so for a few months and then stopped. Today, it appears that entries are still being posted but the BMS Devs are no longer providing any feedback status on the reported issues. If so, CLOSE IT ALREADY ! ! !

      Fast forward a while and the BMS mod version is published by the new retail Crowbar Collective entity which is basically BMS Retail, which I did not initially purchase upon its release. I wanted to wait and allow the supposed expanded Dev team enough time to address the plenitude of existing issues with their newest release, since they were transferring their mod onto an improved version of the Source engine. I finally broke down at Xmas 2016 and purchased the latest version of BMS retail, and found that MANY issues that I reported reported a longtime ago are still present???

      So, do what you can with the existing nagging floating/clipping objects, most of which are long term issues and extend into other areas. Fixing them and when are eventually up to the Crowbar Collective. Deal with these long time issues, in order to reduce the feedback issues from the player base.
    • Dadster, you have incredibly unrealistic expectations, particularly given that you were told COUNTLESS times both before and after release that we would not consider fixing most of the issues that you posted. The fact that you still expected that, after being told this, runs bafflingly opposite to reality.

      That's the last I want to hear from ANYONE on this matter, including you Dadster. This thread is now ONLY for Dadster to report his issues (in large posts, so as not to clutter up the forum feed), and that's it. Nothing else. The foot is really down now - next violator receives an infraction, or onto more serious pastures if needs be.
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