It's Time to Call It, Guys

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    • Can we let it die, now? Valve certainly has, and it just makes be bitter about that every time I see a shitty "Half-Life 3 Confirmed" joke or a video where Tyler McVicker pulls at straws trying to make the game appear out of nowhere.

      Valve doesn't give a shit about developing Half-Life, because they don't have to. They have no financial obligation, and they don't even have the barest of management structures to even suggest people work together on a project.
      I'll be surprised if Valve ever releases anything but a TF2, CS:GO, or DOTA2 update ever again. Between their lack of management structure and financial influx from Steam and microtransactions, There is literally no force to encourage them to do so, nor any bonds to keep a team together long enough for a project to become something interesting to more than the guy who came up with the idea. This is coming from someone whose entire career has been inspired and facilitated by their earlier works, and who desperately wants Source 2 to be a thing that I can play with.

      Valve is dead.

      Long live Crowbar Collective.

      The Javid wrote:

      I can't wait til we ditch that pattern too. It only blends in with gravel and shitty couches.
    • We thought the same for Episode 3/HL3. Taking into account the complete lack of credible, concrete, and/or recent info from Valve, I wouldn't count on L4D3 releasing until you see a notice from Valve saying "We are working on it, it should be out by xx/xx/xx, here's a trailer."

      baconeggs wrote:

      So I met this chick and we began having sex and I took a bite out of her abdomen and she said it hurt so I said harden up and set her on fire
    • Just because a company made a game that managed to combine a decent Sci-Fi story, livable AI, few bugs and good graphics does not elevate said company to deity status.
      There is a contingent of Half Life fans that think Valve deserves the ranking of the Easter Bunny, Leprechauns and the Tooth Fairy all rolled up into one.
      That just around the corner they will release some magical fairy dust like feature, technology, game or game expansion and it will elevate gaming as we know it beyond our wildest imaginations.

      If it sounds like Santa Claus, it probably is.
    • Of course, I'm saddened by the fact that there could be no more Half-Life, but you gotta keep your hopes up. This is an unverified and anonymous source, maybe it's some idiot who gets 20% of the earnings.
      Although, I'm sure there would be no financial reason for Valve not to. Steam gets tens of millions of players in a month, and Half-Life 3's profits would be way much more than its cost.
      But, I'm not going to be on the edge of my seat for that to happen.

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    • The only reason why die-hard fans of Half-Life like myself want a sequel to Half Life 2: Episode 2 is to finish the story from where it stopped.
      (Honestly i wouldn't care if they made a 3rd episode in Source, just so we can finish the story)

      Valve brought this on themselves. They had time to push out a final chapter, but they didn't.
      And now with the game slowly becoming more and more forgotten they hope that they won't
      need to make a sequel. And with Source 2 on it's way, fans would expect a full blown new game.
      "The Journey Is the Destination."
      Deepak Chopra

    • The story isn't even the interesting part, it's the narrative and delivery. Wow, aliens took over the planet and we gotta fight em, how unique. omg someone is WORKING FOR THE ALIENS. Meh. Gordon blows up the aliens' something or other and kills the aliens/traps them in another world and the earth has to rebuild, that's how it ends.

      No, the good part of Half-Live is how well the mediocre to slightly above average story is delivered. A lovely, interesting world filled with equally interesting universe details and characters. Plus interesting puzzles and whatnot. It was fun.

      So like, just continuing the story wouldn't really interest me as much as seeing that level of care pushed into another game. But I guess we're SOL & JWF, so it was fun while it lasted.
      And so ends another post of pointless speculation.

      "120% sorry!"
    • The Gabe Newell AMA recently kinda gave me hope again. Like this section (the paragraph part is taken from the half- life wiki)

      "A user asks, "What is the status of Half Life 3/Half Life 2 Episode 3? Is Valve still working on any fully-fledged single player games? An unidentified anonymous source at Valve has said that Half Life 3 has been cancelled. Is that source legitimate?" Newell answers, "The number 3 must not be said. Yes. I personally believe all unidentified anonymous sources on the Internet."

      Valve doom-and-gloomers are as bad as half-life 3 "leakers". Valve has always worked slowly. We know they are working on confirmed new games and that they're making a half-life/ portal universe game/project. So i don't get the complete loss of hope or expectancy.