hr_nuke (CSGO) models and textures giving bad reflections

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    • hr_nuke (CSGO) models and textures giving bad reflections

      So, I tried getting some hr_nuke (new de_nuke remake = hr_nuke) props and textures into Black Mesa. Why? Because they're awesome!

      But, here are the issues:

      I think that image sumarizes it pretty well - reflections give purple-black checkers and I can't figure out why. Checking VMTs and all seems fine. My friend imported same stuff in Portal 2 an worked right out of the box.

      Now, I actually got hr_nuke's pipes to work:

      As you can see - no bad reflections. I believe the only thing I did was lower $envmapsaturation and $envmaptint values. But that doesn't seem to work for anything else.

      Aside from pipes, all foliage props work too.
    • CS:GO implemented a bunch of new cubemap features, and they also use a higher .mdl version number than ours. It's highly likely that most CS:GO props will not work with our engine, unless decompiled/recompiled. Even then, it's not likely. We had to do the same for Portal 2 props.
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