Crash on touching Icthyosaur in Forget About Freeman

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    • Crash on touching Icthyosaur in Forget About Freeman

      This is my first time posting a crash report, fingers crossed I'm not missing any details. I also looked back a couple pages in the forum to make sure this hasn't been reported recently.
      In the sewer area right at the start of Forget About Freeman, I experienced a crash while attempting the Nuclear Fishin' achievement on the Icthyosaur in the water. It happened right as the Icthyosaur attacked me for the second time while I was charging the Tau cannon.

      This engine error window appeared upon crashing.

      And here's the crash report dump. I hope Mediafire is acceptable.
      I'll be back later and update if I'm able to replicate the crash.

      I was unable to replicate it, strangely. The exact map is bm_c3a1a if you still plan on investigating.
      Fun fact: I actually unlocked the Nuclear Fishin' achievement at the exact moment of the crash.

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