Quick note of congratulations to the team

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    • Quick note of congratulations to the team

      Hi all,

      Sorry to clutter up the forums, but I just wanted to give the Black Mesa team my heartfelt congratulations. A mod of this size is an astonishing accomplishment, and I thrilled to replay Half Life taking advantage of the full Source engine. The sheer amount of work this must have taken is mind boggling - I forgot Half Life was so big, and you have captured its essence beautifully. I don't really have any more to say so I'll leave it there.


      A very happy customer
    • Ah, i remember first discovering the Black Mesa. I envy you, because for you this is a wonderful new experience,
      while i went past that point years ago. Played the game many times and it kinda got bland.

      Now with the Xen finally arriving soon, i'll get to experience that feeling again!

      CC you rock!
      "The Journey Is the Destination."
      Deepak Chopra