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    • Black Mesa Workshop for Multiplayer maps

      Hello guys.

      I just wanted to ask how I have to upload my Multiplayer maps to Steam workshop so that people always get to download the newest available version with all textures and loadingscreens when they join a dedicated server running that map. ( btw it would be nice if you removed the "map differs from the server"-error and added a popup window which would ask you if you want to download and replace the existing files with the files of the dedicated server )
      Can I upload my map to Steam workshop with all files in 1 .vpk? Can server admins run multiplayer maps directly from Steam workshop or do they have to put .bsps and material files on their server? If the latter is the case, how can I make sure that clients will download the .bsp + all material files from the dedicated server? I tried to use pakrat to pack all materials into the .bsp but it doesn't seem to work as intended. Pakrat says that the .bsp has all materials saved in it but in game they don't show up. Do I have to put every single material in the .lst file in bms/downloadlists? What's the easiest way? ( It would be very easy if server admins were able to run maps / vpks direktly from steam workshop. )

      Help pls.
    • It's down to the dedicated server owners to set up their servers correctly to handle downloading files and such, and on them to keep their maps up to date too. When we first were implementing workshop support we looked into allowing it to all be done automatically (like CS:GO), but the system was too complicated and required some coordination with Valve, which we weren't able to fully organise.

      For modders, put everything in VPKs. Use a separate VPK for each type of resource (each VPK must be under 100mb, so if you have 150mb of materials, use 2 VPKs). For example, one VPK for the map, one for the materials, one for models, etc. Keep all your VPKs for the map/mod in one folder, and point the publish tool at that folder. Done. Quite easy overall.
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