Half-Life PS2 Multiplayer Maps Released!

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    • Half-Life PS2 Multiplayer Maps Released!

      Alright so thanks to a fantastic conversion tool over on github (link in moddb description); the Half-Life Playstation 2 port's multiplayer maps are finally fully playable on the PC/Steam version of Half-Life! I hope everyone gets as much enjoyment out of these maps as I have. Each of these maps are unique to the PS2 port of Half-Life and even the ones that were included in the original version of Half-Life have had changes made to them. Most of these maps are pretty small but some, like "Waypoint" are pretty dang fun and worth playing in my opinion.

      Also fyi I have no involvement with the github team whatsoever, I'm just super happy to finally be able to play these maps on PC, so thanks so much to those guys wherever they might be for allowing me to convert these maps for every Half-Life fan out there.

      Maps included: Basement, Datacore, Debris, Office, Signal, Skirmish, Snarkpit, Stalkyard, Water Canal, Waypoint.

      Link to moddb download: moddb.com/games/half-life/addo…athmatch-maps-for-pcsteam

      Bonus: And for all of you Half-Life deathmatch enthusiasts out there here's a link to Half-Life: Further Data + dm_office. Further Data is a collection of maps, sprays, and player models released by valve years ago that isn't included in the Steam version of Half-Life. Dm_office comes from the unreleased Dreamcast port of Half-Life and is more or less the same as the Office map from the PS2 port. moddb.com/games/half-life/addo…fe-further-data-dm-office

      I hope everyone has a great time with these maps!
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