Black Mesa Inbound... MC WIP

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    • Black Mesa Inbound... MC WIP

      So, for the last several years, whenever I get bored, I'd load up minecraft and futz around with making the Black Mesa version of Inbound in blocky glory (for a few minutes at a time before I got distracted by something else). This almost immediately stalled after I made the starting tram station, when I got completely sidetracked with making nonsense off in another direction. However, each time I came back, I'd add something. It's nowhere near finished, most of it is just skeletons of areas, but I figured I had enough pictures to share at this point. And of course, everything is due a detail pass, especially now that I see there are so many more new matte texture blocks in vanilla...

      Starting terminal
      Security nonsense
      Lift down to outside

      The last 3 are just the nonsense I'd put together when I got distracted while doing this while distracted. As is obvious, I have not done the floor bits of most areas, focusing on the rail and walls. I can't be bothered to update my mods every time I decide to futz with this, so I'm stuck with vanilla creative, withno added functionality.

      Random desert road
      Cliffside tunnel thing
      Mesa-top airfield
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      mattemuse;80193 wrote:

      "Oh my word! A Xen tentacle is eating my leg, shoot! Poppycock!"


      "Holy fucking shit I'm being eaten by a motherfucking Xen tentacle! FUCK!"