Some Multiplayer/Singleplayer gameplay suggestions, thoughts and improvement ideas

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    • I'd increase the reload time for RPG. I can just fire a rocket, reload in 1 second, quick switch, fire again. Only turds use laser guidance.

      Here are my suggestions:
      RPG: Slower reload, slightly less explosive radius. It should be a powerful weapon considering 1 single explosive arrow explode the rocket and kill a 100hp/100ap guy who fired it. Also fix 180 rockets.
      Shotgun: Wider cone because you can snipe 100hp/100ap on mid range via headshots, remove random spread and use fixed pattern like in team fortress 2.
      Crossbow: I feel like reload could be slower. It reloads as soon as the clip is inserted, and the next half of the animation where you pull? It's completely irrelevant now. Right now it's a quickscope machine, unarmored has no chance.
      MP5: 3 nades is kinda cheap. Lower to 2?

      The biggest elephant in the room...

      TAU: Well for start it shouldn't do 200dmg in 1.5 seconds...The biggest reason why completely mediocre players can dominate is exactly this.
      1) 200 dmg in 1.5 seconds (x3 with headshot just to make sure the guy is dead). Even quarter-charged shots are deadly to 100hp/20-30ap.
      2) Hitscan, can't dodge it
      3) Bounding box (going to be fixed but I still think it will make no difference)
      4) Best sniper, best shotgun, best SMG
      5) Wall penetration
      6) Fly via Tau jumps, essentially making 80% weapons useless, while raining down Tau
      7) AOE damage in water. Why aim?
      8) Can kill multiple enemies
      9) Unlimited ammo due to map design, usually 2xTau, and 100 max ammo.
      10) Doesn't need to reload.
      11) Charge sound mutes out, can't hear it around corners/when flying.
      12) No danger to the user, unless holding RMB for 5+ seconds?....
      13) Pushback. Because fuck anyone who tries to escape.

      It's the ultimate noob gun and I have no idea how you'd fix something as this :)

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    • ssteven wrote:

      remove random spread and use fixed pattern like in team fortress 2.
      Wouldn't fixed pattern make it more snipe weapon? I think spread is balanced well, double-shot has slower ROF and you have to switch another weapon if target is more than 10m away. But I agree that some indoor maps makes some advantage to shotgun, even more for shotgun+longjump combo.

      For RPG I would be happy for just fixing those bugs such as 180, laser, fast reload glitch and sudden mid-air blowups.

      SMG: I would add small grey trail for grenades to spot them sooner.
    • Wouldn't a wider spread make it useless at anything other than point-blank range though? Every video game shotgun I've ever used that has a (n unrealistically, I might add) massive spread cone has been absolute trash as a mid-range or longer weapon.

      The Javid wrote:

      I can't wait til we ditch that pattern too. It only blends in with gravel and shitty couches.