"2009" build of Black Mesa

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    • JohnWorfin wrote:

      Also, Redeye is logging in with an alt to give more dislikes. That is very childish. -1 internet for them

      Actually that is me giving you -1s for being an ass. no clue who the other person is that is -1ing you but man when you have more negatives in one topic then you have ever gotten in how many years? yeah dude learn to stop being toxic.

      JohnWorfin wrote:

      Maxey wrote:

      Dude, learn how to multiquote.

      Something tells me this guy is just trying to whore out his post count for some reason. no like post count means anything.
    • darkone wrote:

      JohnWorfin wrote:

      Also, Redeye is logging in with an alt to give more dislikes. That is very childish. -1 internet for them
      Actually that is me giving you -1s for being an ass. no clue who the other person is that is -1ing you but man when you have more negatives in one topic then you have ever gotten in how many years? yeah dude learn to stop being toxic.
      Nope, I counted you, I just didn't feel like I needed to acknowledge you for your singular effort. Thanks for playing though

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      You're such an internet badass.
    • The devs have more important things to do than cover every thread on the forums, like actually finishing the game. I highly doubt they even have VMFs from that far back, and if they do, it's likely they're not the "1:1 remake" you're envisioning. I don't recall Ram saying anything of that sort back when he was around. I remember the phrase "orangemapped the whole damn game" and them saying that OAR was cut down because most players despised it, but the whole point of BM was to be a re-imagining of HL1doing what they figured Valve would have done if they were making HL1's story after the mechanical inventions and tech updates of HL2.

      If all you want is a shinier but 1:1 remake of HL1, why not download some texture packs for HL:Source?

      Also, you sort of did get an answer from someone in the know - Catz is in pretty constant contact with the dev team, AFAIK, so if they had any big plans to do an additional release of the old, unfinished maps, she'd likely know about it.

      The Javid wrote:

      I can't wait til we ditch that pattern too. It only blends in with gravel and shitty couches.
    • I think at this point it would be safe to say the likely hood of a patch being pushed out for the free version of Black Mesa (The 2012, 2007 SDK release) to be quite unlikely.

      There are a lot of reasons for why this is the case, but I think boiling it down to just two works best. It’s both our resources being pooled to maintaining and updating the steam release and the passage of time since the initial 2012 release.

      The passage of time I think is an interesting one to go into depth on because it goes over a bit of the history of the mods development after its initial release in 2012 and the lead up to the eventual steam release in 2015. Post mod release saw a lot of feedback being addressed such as level design bug fixes, map improvements, asset improvements & code fixes. During this time the decision was made to port the game over to the 2013 version of the SDK, this had the benefit of merging in engine improvements from a performance standpoint which helped remove most if not all of the engine related issues people were having with the 2007 SDK release (We had a habit of pushing the engine a little too far in places causing issues).

      But in true fashion as is the case both dealing with porting and the Source Engine, issues arose. These ranged from simple things breaking in maps to more complex code bugs, most notably some engine changes were made that related to the maximum number of sounds including ambient generics that could be playing within a map. This caused a lot of our maps to start going over sounds limits spamming the total_channels == MAX_CHANNELS error resulting in sounds being culled and cut out entirely with high action moments. Our programmers at the time were unable to come up with a solution to combat this due to engine restrictions so other ideas had to be thought of to fix it as best as possible.

      In most instances it was simply a case of either culling back on some of the duplicate ambient sounds in the maps were the difference was not noticeable or setting up triggers to remove sound entities once they player had progressed far enough into a level were they could not back track, this allowed for more space within the sound limits for later parts of levels were more action took place. Remnants of this work can still be seen in a lot of the vmfs were you have visgroups labeled relating to different engine versions.

      One area were a more creative approach had to be taken to combat the sound limits was in the chapter Residue Processing were a large number of sounds had been used for the conveyer belts throughout the map C (in any stretch of belt there was at least three sounds used, one at either end and one or more spaced evenly over it). In order to maintain this sound effect I resorted to whittling it down to just two ambient_generics and using a complex system of triggers throughout the map to adjust the volume of those sounds depending on your position in the map.

      By the time of steam greenlight and us eventually being accepted on to the platform, the 2013 SDK build contained about 75% of the general bug fixes we see in the steam version, the vast majority of asset improvements like the window frame models in Anomalous Materials and all of the weapon model changes would likely have never made it in as most came at a point where we forked off from the 2013 SDK and onto the licensed engine. As with the sound changes you can still see some of this work in the vmfs (like in AM) where visgroups were left behind to toggle between the 2013 SDK release and the then 2009 SDK. As time passed and we went through an ever revolving door of engine versions with the maps being still iterated on for the steam version the free patch as it became known internally became more and more forgotten.

      It has been a while since I gave the build a look but even back then it had a lot of issues that would need addressing and I suspect those still exist today with perhaps more appearing as the engine may have received updates over the years. Combine that with trying to find old vmfs that are from that period to base the patch on would also be an interesting endeavour.

      This ended up being a bit more wordy than I had originally thought but there we go, hopefully something to soften the news at least.


    • JohnWorfin wrote:

      Wow, so much butthurt and shit talking over a simple question. It's good to know that the spirit of Raminator (R.I.P.) is still alive and well in the current iteration of this forum.

      CatzEyes93 wrote:

      You think this charming young man will submit to bringing and leaving his 'rage' in the rage thread?
      I'm glad you find me charming ;)
      Tell me about it mate. You ask a polite question about the possibility of devs releasing something and all fucking hell breaks loose. Why do they need to defend them? Were they hired as their lawyers?
      Of course the devs are crunching like mad people right now, we all know that. No need to defend them and do the most stupid thing one can do. Yes i'm talking about the stupid downvoting. What the fuck is wrong with the world? "Oh look i'm gonna show you! here's one downvote for ya!!!".