Is there anyone that has the free version installed and working? If so, I have some questions

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    • O.k.,
      First, at the beginning of Unforseen Consequences, you exit the destroyed chamber. The analog clocks are showing 9:01 and 11:01 for different time zones, but the clock in the control room shows 9:47, other clocks we have are 10:12 and 02:34. What is the clock showing when you enter the control room, where the Scientist were prior to getting zapped, before and after the incident?

      What was the name of the lab that you entered, was it C-33/a? What are the times on the wall clocks in the game?

      Through out the game there are screens you can read that talk about specific events. For instance a helicopter crash, or Scientist having a conversation about donuts, is it the same in the released version? Is the Taco Shack in the free version? The numbers that are thrown around all the through the game
      11-98-15.60- 7.15- 19 and many many others. What I'm trying to find out is "what are the small subtle changes in between versions?

      Reason being, what I believe to be happening here, is a "TIME LOOP" or causality loop. The best way I know how to explain it would be to read a synopsis of the movie "Primer", its about time travel and time loops. But I believe the best example here to be an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, specifically Season 5 episode 18 called "Cause and Effect". The very beginning of the episode, they come up on an anomaly/distortion, the make the wrong choice, next it shows a ship come through the distortion and runs into the Enterprise, ultimately leading to the death of everyone on board. Bam, then it starts over again. They are stuck in a time loop and it repeats several times with small changes here and there. At one Point, Dr. Crusher starts hearing odd voices at night, that sound familiar, she records them. It turns out to be the voices of the crew when the crap hits the fan and they all die, over and over again, they all start sensing dejavu . Then Data comes to the rescue, using his " Posotronic Brain" he is able to send himself messages through time. Then as the loop continues on, they start seeing numbers, the number 3. more and more. What it comes down to, is that the 3, standing for the rank pips. Pointing to the cause of the incident at the start of the episode, they come up on the distortion and there are two suggested actions, one from Data, one from Riker. One we know, that puts them in this time loop, the other, we don't know. But through all the subtle clues and messages from data, they figure out they are in a loop and decide at the beginning to make a different choice.

      By changing this, everyone's life is spared and there is no catastrophic collision. This is what is happening in game. Except whoever is going through time, they are going back and removing hints or changing them to point to something else. Taco's, particle accelerator chicken, pizza. Maybe whatever these pizzas are for, that led to anger and the questioning of financial resources, someone is going back and making it look like it never happened, like the whole pizza thing was a lie. Or framing someone else. We know Breen wants to be the big guy in charge, maybe he is trying to eliminate people? Or someone else is trying to eliminate people.

      At one point we see a part that says they think Dr.Welsh is behind it. Then another that says Dr. Stone will pay. Look at some of the clues earlier in game, that we got some of but not 100% right away, like Konami, or that one that says "NOTE WELSH", what if that is supposed to say "NOT WELSH". Or "BENALLOHPAILLIER" Then we have it as "BENALOHPAILLIER" small stuff like this is how I think we will solve the puzzle.

      Look back at what has changed, I think bottomly who may or may not be dead, mentioned the Terminator, then it was deleted, along with a few other clues like that, as if someone was going back and erasing hints that would help solve the puzzle. I would imagine there have been made subtle changes over time in the game, swapping this for that, or changing small details.

      Oh yeah, and remember how I mentioned Dr Crusher was hearing voices that she recorded? Kind of like the panic voices used by the science team before they are zapped. Same effect here......

      On top of all this, all the rage and salt over the game being delayed again.... WHAT IF? What if the game isn't being delayed, but that more clues will be put into the game so that we can solve the puzzle and move it along right into XEN.

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    • Well, i am going to jump back into the mod to give you a complete list but here is what i know off of the top of my head.

      The Dr. Horns shack along with the tacos is in the mod release.

      Most of the stuff in the steam release is the same as the mod, what has been changed was a lot of models and a few textures, the steam version looks a lot better than the mod.

      Personally, i do not this is related to the arg.