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    • Hello Black Mesa team! I already posted this on the Facebook page, but I will post it here too. I want the team to know that they are truly appreciated!

      Dear Black Mesa developers,
      First off, let me give you a sincere congratulations on being one of the first 10 titles to be Greenlit on Steam! This in itself is quite the achievement, and is going to go down in history books everywhere!
      ...Well maybe not history books, but nevertheless it will bring Black Mesa to the eyes many who have never heard of it, thus gaining this incredible mod even more well-deserved attention! You developers have put unfathomable amounts of work and effort into this project, and I expect it will be a masterpiece that will entertain the masses for ages, as the original Half-Life was.

      I personally believe that the completion of this mod is not only an incredible feat, but a milestone in the modding community. There have been almost no complete fan remakes - that I can think of - that come close to the quality that we have seen in the various media you have released. There have been many other's that have tried, but like what was feared for this mod for periods of time, those mods have died out or become obsolete. I have been following Black Mesa for years now, patiently waiting and giving my support.

      I think I speak for many when I say there were periods of time when I was quite frustrated with the lack of news on development or media releases, but I'm so glad that I never gave up hope on this. There are almost two days left until the day that we have all waited for for what seemed like an eternity and I'm, to put it lightly, quite excited. I'm not a huge gamer, I rarely get excited for events like this, but Half-Life was and still is one of the most amazing gaming experiences I have ever encountered. I have complete faith that you developers will have stayed true to the original elements that we all love, while improving upon perfection to create something that soars with flying colors upon the current era of cliche, non-challenging, often boring games.

      All I have left to say is thank you Black Mesa team for your years and years of hard work on this! I can't even imagine how hard you guys must have worked. You have made tens of thousands of people elated with happiness with your work and have brought the pre-Half-Life 2 antics of Gordon Freeman to a generation that missed out on his greatest adventure!

      Thank you with lots and lots of love,
      Casey Caduff
    • The Maddog's World

      Hello, Firstly I'd like to start off by saying great job on being ranked 10th on MODDB. Keep up the great work developers, I hope the possibility to map for this modification is possible upon it's release.

      Well the main reason I'm here today is to show Black Mesa and the community my support towards the modification and the community. I'm currently working very hard on a website that hopefully one day will build a solid community with a passion towards playing and developing games.

      I've taken a quote from my website which should elaborate a bit more.

      Our aim is to build a solid community with a passion towards playing and developing games. A community dedicated to providing solid feedback and assistance to those that need it. A place where game service providers and game developers can advertise their services and work.

      Your help in making all of this possible is kindly appreciated and would be absolutely beneficial to The Maddog’s World’s success!

      Please pass this around to as many gamers and game developers as you possibly can, together we can build a community like no other.

      Black Mesa is one of the first and many mods/games I will show my support too.

      On an unrelated note, for those that don't know me I've got 10 successful maps under my belt which are currently widely played on the popular Zombie Panic Source mod, with the most widely played map Church Siege.

      Please bookmark my site and feel free to email me at [Removed]

      Thanks for your time, see signature below for website.
      No spam in sigs please.

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    • ...and yet another long time lurker. I may have had a forum account back in the GN days, I can't remember back that far! Been checking back every other month at least since I heard about this project 5-6 years ago. Can't wait to fire this baby up, what little you've shown us looks superb. Great work, guys!