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  • k3nny1550 -

    It's been over a year. I think of you often.
    I'm not sure how flowery I should get, because honestly you'd probably be annoyed with us doting on you like this. Or maybe it'd make you happy, seeing that we still think of you even now.
    Even though you can't bullshit with us anymore, in a way, you never left. We all just have to live that much harder, shitpost that much more, to make up for that sudden, awful silence in the wake of your passing.

    I miss you, you wonderful, hilarious, fantastic nerd. I miss you so much.

  • Baycosinus -

    I've been away for a while, just got the bad news. I cannot explain my sadness. I haven't got the opportunity to meet you. Rest in peace. I sincerely hope you've reached the happiness and peace you've been looking for.

    I'm sorry, Fnork. I'm sorry for meeting you this way. I will never forget this avatar, neither your name. Goodbye, sister.

    • Baycosinus -

      Well, here we are after one year. Like k3nny1550 said, i think of you, too.

      Sometimes i feel so weak so i think my fingers won't ever touch to that sky that i'm trying to reach. Then something happens, makes me try again. Then i still think of you, and feel bad because i couldn't be there with you when you feel weak.

      This is the first time i miss someone i never met.

  • Problematic A-hole -

    Rest In Peace, Fnork. Your sense of humor was a big part of my lurking in these forums.

  • Hubicorn -

    You were loved by so many. You were the glue that kept this community together.

  • KevinJRattman -

    Being a new member around here I doubt if you ever even seen me before, but I used to see your funny inspiring post sometimes. Condolences to her friends and families from SK. I wish they recover from the event as soon as possible. Maybe gone from our sight but shall remain in our heart.

  • bur -

    Never knew you that well, but I always enjoyed your quirky sense of humour. You will be missed.

  • stormseeker -

    I remember Fnork from the BM Chat, which I hardly ever frequented, which goes to show the impact some people leave, no matter how briefly.

    Remember the good times, and leave the bad ones behind.
    Rest in peace.

  • geekofalltrades -

    Fnork left her profile here at "Zombie" rank. I feel she would have wanted somebody to point it out.

    Fnork - Erin - you have friends here. Though I might never have said so, your bizarre videos, eccentric photos, and impressive headware collection always made me smile.

    We are a community of square pegs, who, when we stand closely enough, begin to approximate the round hole. From now, our calculus breaks down; this integral term, gone, pulls low our upper bound. We are less whole, our best fit: less so. We will miss you.

  • Benthogyrinus -

    Rest in peace.

  • D3lta -

    Been mostly a lurker past 3 - 4 years and never interacted with you, but I've seen your posts bring joy to this community.
    We will miss you.
    Rest in peace.

  • MisterDigitalGuy -

    Ever since I read about your untimely death, life has been a bit more depressing for me. It saddens me to know that I will never again see your quirky jokes appear in my notifications box. Sure some of it was weird, a bit immature, and occasionally at my expense, but it was all enjoyable nonetheless. When I first read about your passing, I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to think it was all a practical joke- but alas, it is not. From now on, there will be a hole in the forums where you once were. We can try to ignore it, but we'll never be able to fill it. You're irreplaceable, and even more unforgettable. And even though I never really got to properly know you, I almost feel like I've lost a member of my family. Why? Because we're all family here- one big, dysfunctional family. And that family has lost someone that was near and dear to them. You may be gone, but mark my words you will never be forgotten. Goodbye, old friend- We'll all miss you.

  • LordDz -

    Depression suger. Finns inga fina ord att skriva, depression suger.

    21 år är för tidigt för en person att dö på, jag hoppas du har det bra iallafall vart det nu än är, vi alla kommer till.

  • nollorespormi -

    Hey, I bet you never thought I of all people would be posting here, but it seemed the best place for it. (I bet you're laughing at my dumb username.) It's wonderful to see how appreciated and loved you were on these forums. You were appreciated and loved IRL too, Erin, and we miss you. You were a talented and funny actor who brought out the best in your fellow actors on and off stage. Your impressions and accents were amazing. Though we weren't close lately, we were very close once and if time and life had allowed it I would have wanted us to be again. Your shenanigans, warmth, and snark will be missed and remembered.
    Rest in peace, Erin.

  • GaylaMcGee -

    Rest in piece, Fnork. We never really communicated directly, but I always read what you had to say.
    We will all miss you greatly.

  • CyankeeMassey -

    Usually I have the right things to say. It's just what I'm good at, I guess. But I never know what to say when something like this happens.

    We didn't talk very much, but we shared in a few good laughs. You were randomly funny, even immaturely so, but everyone has that right and you did it better than most. It's a sad day, you will be missed Ms. Grey. Rest in Peace, and if there's a place after ours, may it serve you well.

  • BendyBread -

    Rest in piece, you will be missed.

  • Pyroclase -

    Rest in Peace. I can't say I knew you well, but you will definitely be missed.

  • MegaKosan -

    Suicide is the worst permanent solution to a temporary problem.
    We will miss you.

    Rest in Peace, Fnork.

  • Admiral Sakai -

    I'll be the first to admit that I didn't know you that well, but you were still a part of this community and we're all a little less without you in it.
    Rest in peace, friend.

  • AsinoEsel -

    Rest in peace.

  • JeffMOD -

    I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. I don't know what to say that will make things hurt less, or that will somehow ease your passing.
    You know that saying, about not knowing what you have until it's gone? There's a lot of truth to that, and if I keep following that train of thought I'm gonna end up crying into my keyboard.
    Rest now. Be at peace, but know that we'll miss you. <3

  • Door -

    Dwi'n mynd i cofio ti am byth, Caroline.

  • Chickenprotector -

    I've been on the receiving end of a few suicides, hearing about another person biting the dust never eases the pain.

    I didn't know you too well, but you've touched numerous people and there's a void in their life now because of the loss of your life. I wish more could have been done to help you in your turbulent times, but what's done is done. Rest in peace, and I hope those affected by this can move on.

  • danielsangeo -

    We didn't talk too much but you touched more lives than you could possibly know. Requiescat in pace, Ms. Grey.

  • Sage J. Fox -

    I didn't get the chance to know you too well, but in all my time here, you were always a joy.

  • xalener -

    You were the face of the community for me. In all my years here, I enjoyed your inputs the most. It's hitting me in waves that you're gone. I wish I could have done something to help. Fuck depression. You deserved so much better.

  • Rossman -

    You were always such a joy to have around, always having a laff. We will deeply miss you and we will always remember you.

  • Crypt -

    You were good people, Fnork. An important part of this little community that's been part of my life since I was a preteen. We all liked you a lot and I hope you knew your importance. This is gonna be a different place. RIP.

  • k3nny1550 -

    Your videos were so shitty, but they were the good kind of shitty. You always had the exact right amount of deadpan-ness that anything you typed made me burst out laughing.
    You were a light in the darkness, a joy to all who knew you. But now that light is gone from this world, and we will all miss the warmth of your unique contributions to our forum.

    I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for you. I've talked people down from where you were, but I couldn't find you in time. I'm so sorry.

  • MichaelTannock -

    For a large part of my time on these forums, I was just a lurker, so I didn't have a lot of interaction with you, but I will miss you.