CatzEyes93 Voice Actor

  • Female
  • 52
  • from Denver, Colorado
  • Member since May 3rd 2009
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  • danielsangeo -

    Happy Birthday, nice CatzEyes lady! :D

  • osmosisjones -

    Hey can you reupload the Black Mesa Monitor Screensaver? I had it on my computer until it crashed so now I lost the file. Thanks.

  • idclip -

    Well... If I was in your shoes I'd give that IP to companies in charge for monitoring internet piracy through P2P software... But that's the intolerant unemployed me who would bite the throat of anyone even only daring to steal a penny of his deserved money. :l
    If you will not, that is very nice: as a pirate this is the sort of tolerance I like to see (not just because it's me) when it comes to talk about piracy.

  • CatzEyes93 -

    It isnt even my best avatar. ;)

  • NoriMori -

    I love watching your avatar. It's very entertaining.