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  • chenmozx -

    Will you reveal us your events in Retro Game Con by photos or something like that? Since not every one can attend to this exhibition.

  • Demolitionist1 -

    Hello sir! I know you and your crew are busy getting Xen done and having it out (hopefully) this year. I just wanted to ask what the current status of the levels are since the last update was posted earlier in the summer and we are now in autumn and a special even, 20 years of Half Life, is coming soon and I wanted to ask about the Xen levels because I am totally excited for them and I think most of us would like to know the current status' of the levels.

  • RedEye9 -

    You could have written this gamesindustry.biz/articles/201…eam-community-and-winning

  • SprocketRocket -

    Heya, having a few small issues with using this forum. Can't seem to make new threads, and I can't reply to a lot of threads either. I've had this account for about a year (created it when I encountered issues with my old account, but at the time I was unable to get it to work), so I'm not sure if it's an issue with me being inactive for so long or the fact that I did a Steam login. Any help would be much appreciated

  • b1gt1m -

    Hiya. :) Please would you send me a link to download the latest patch please, as I can't seem to locate the link on forums.blackmesasource.com/ind…otfix-and-Public-Release/ - thanx in advance...

    • TextFAMGUY1 -

      You don't need a link. It just downloads via Steam for the retail version of the game.

  • victor -

    forums.blackmesasource.com/ind…60787-turqouise0025/#wall This a new user annoying the forum

  • Greenender -


    I just finished OAR uncut, and I just wanted to say BIG THANKS for this mod. It was really close to what I remembered from playing HL OAR, around 20 years ago. Great job!! It was really entertaining to play, thanks!!

  • Maxey -

    There's a broken screenshot link in the update thread. The bb code format must be wrong because the imgur link works fine.

  • Ikkosen -

    Good Afternoon, I have a question. I can't seem find the maps both in maps and mapsrc folders. What should I do so I can find the maps there since the only ones I found are MP maps that I downloaded, the ones I made and on the SP maps? Thank you in advance

  • baconthief -


    When can we expect the next dev update on the progress of Xen? It would be really nice to know whether or not things are still on track for a summer release, and what exactly is meant by "summer", since that is about a 4 month range for release dates.


  • Asada Amu -

    I have a question.
    How to add other language subtitle. I want to add Thai language but I don't know how to install font to game and how many file to edit.

  • hot.ham.water -

    Hi TextFAMGUY1

    I was hoping you might be able to help me with your mod. I'm having some trouble loading the maps for On A Rail Uncut on the legacy version of Black Mesa. The console says that the map cannot be found, even when I try to load Map bm_c2a2a1 manually. I read through the entire readme, and I followed the instructions pretty carefully, including backing up the previous files, then unzipping the On A Rail zip file from MODDB into the Black Mesa folder, and making sure it overwrites the existing files. I doublechecked that the file bm_c2a2a1.bsp exists in the maps folder, so I can't understand why the console can't find the map.

    Do you have any suggestions? If it helps, the console screen says in the corner 'Source Engine 14, Build 3943.' If you had any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate that.. I was really looking forward to trying your mod, and the Surface Tension mod, I've heard good things! Thank you in advance

  • Ikkosen -

    Hello, FAMGUY1. I really liked the maps you've made in the ST and OAR uncut mods. Good job on those and belated happy b-day to you too.

    btw, are you still the one who made the ST uncut maps in BM retail or not?

    • TextFAMGUY1 -

      Yes I did most of the work on them (55% maybe, with the remaining 45% divided between 3 or 4 other mappers). Other mappers helped plenty with many other bits though. It was very, very far from just my own work even though I was the mapper with the biggest hand in it.

  • wayne_acoba -

    Happy birthday, Mr. Kemp! Have a great day and a great new year!

  • MegaKosan -

    Happy birthday my dude

  • JoseRada -

    Hi FAMGUY1! Im a huge fan of this game since the release, you guys have done an amazing job bringing half life to life on source, but there's a slight and small problem, im a spanish speaker and i notice some big errors in the spanish captioning, my question is, can i help correcting them? It looks that they were made using a translator, as a result a very poor spanish, greetings!

  • VladmirGamer -

    The next update for Black Mesa?

  • drgibbles -

    check your conversation box.

  • Demolitionist1 -

    I want to ask you something: have you considered working with the guys who are remaking hl: opposing force and hl: blue shift? The reason I ask is because all 3 games are part of the original half life trilogy and I'd bet they're having the same problem as you guys with the Xen mapping. It's just a question and in case your wondering i am not at all affiliated with them. Im just a person being optimistic about both games and cannot wait to see the Xen maps and the other two games released. But as always I will be patient.

  • Valentin1984 -

    it is from C2A2A2 TO C2A2B the loading freezes I cannot get pass that not matter what I do, I have to enter the map name in the command prompt to skip the loading and thus the freeze but if I do that then I loose all my weapons and my suit as well (including my HUD and flashlight)

  • Valentin1984 -

    Hello sir trying to reach you so I am writing a bit everywhere in hopes that one of the many messages I have left around will reach you. I just recently downloaded your on the rail uncut Beta Full and you did a REALLY good job however I never got very far because before the rocket lunch the loading screen freezes and none of the autosave work either they all freeze. I do not know what to do or how to fix this. I s there anything I can do to convince you to help me please, it looks really really well done but it does not work properly

  • VladmirGamer -

    How you make Black Mesa?

    • TextFAMGUY1 -

      I did a Google search for "how to remake Half-Life 1 in the Source engine" and then followed the easy 150,000 step tutorial.

    • Iamsodarncool -

      Oh my god this has made my entire week. Thank you.

  • rabinovich -

    Hello. I am the administrator support forum games Blatsk Mesa for Russian-speaking users. How do I get or buy a style of your forum?

  • VladmirGamer -

    Whats the name fo the Black Mesa Steam Editon main menu (the Black Mesa main menu title)

  • VladmirGamer -

    I have: 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Video Card, Intel Pentium CPU940 (2.00GHz) Processor. How i can play Black Mesa Surface Tension Uncut Maps?

  • VladmirGamer -

    I have: 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Video Card, Intel Pentium CPU940 (2.00GHz) Processor. How i can play Black Mesa Surface Tension Uncut Maps?

  • VladmirGamer -

    Hellow, i see The Black Mesa Steam edition folders and dont see the soundtrack, why?

  • Anevist -

    Can you tell me how to fix graphics problem in On A Rail chapter ?

    • TextFAMGUY1 -

      You have to unsubscribe from On a Rail Uncut. The update has broken the mod, causing the missing texture errors. I will fix it at some point in the future.

  • VladmirGamer -

    Black Mesa have On a Rail uncut update, similar Surface Tension update?

  • VladmirGamer -

    I have: 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Video Card, Intel Pentium CPU940 (2.00GHz) Processor. And i have lag, why?