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  • newagesoldier -

    ​I think the game should really focus on the combines (Half Life 3 (or episode 3)) even then the game might not come to an end, I think there is a last task after borealis... that is stopping the G-MAN!

    Since I started playing half life as a 5 year old.... this is one of the games I do not forget.... I miss how much fun it used to be, no FPS drops or interuptions over the internet to cause lag...
    I love how the remaster has been done and I am suprised over the multiplayer lobbies that is in the game :D Freaking amazing. Finally some real hardcore battles to fight against real people, not hackers, script kiddies, or any of those kinds... just you and me in a battle area with spray load of weaponry waiting to be used by us!

    Just love it!