10 hour videos

I need some tips for a black mesa related 10 hour video ! what to loop?




Don’t do it. It’s a retarded fad.

But maybe he’s a retard. In that case it’d be perfect

This is similar to saying, “Hey guys, I want to be a complete and utter annoying moron. Can you give me tips on how to be as annoying and pointless as possible?”

OP; Can you tell us WHY you would want to make a shit video which went on for 10 hours? Also, tell us why someone would want to watch your shit video for 10 hours when 1 minute would probably suffice?
Is there any reason other than “because other people do it”?

Just a word of caution, whoever uploads the next 10hr loop on youtube will get kidnapped by Google and forced to create an entirely original 10 hour movie with no repeating content, and they can’t leave until it’s done.



yeah, it’s one of the better videos out there