357 (Colt Python Revolver) ammo bug

I’ve once again found a bug I previously reported to the team regarding ammo for the 357. For the duration of the game from initial pickup through On a Rail everything works fine. However right after starting Apprehension I can’t pick up ammo for it anymore.

I took a screenshot of the behavior below, grabbing the ammo from a floating crate after swimming up post-tram crash. The ammo box is interactive, i.e. can pick up and throw with the use key. You can see I can pick up pistol ammo just fine while holding it. (status and pos info follow below screenshots)

hostname: Black Mesa
version : 100001/24 100001 insecure
map : bm_c2a3a at: 831 x, -860 y, -703 z

setpos 831.699890 -860.162109 -703.968750;setang 12.620887

That’s shotgun ammo.

357 ammo is yellow.

That red box is 12 gauge shotgun shells not 357 magnum shells. If you already have the maximum allowed amount you can’t get any more.