3D Tree

Hello guys i made a 3d tree model with Maya 2010, in 2 months. here is a render that i made in VRAY ! :

I will provide a .FBX for the people that wanna uses it. And it will be very nice if it was in black mesa :stuck_out_tongue: i will be honnoured :smiley:

Very nice model mate :slight_smile: But I think it might be a bit expensive resource wise?

It looks good. Unfortunately there’s no place for it in the mod & the polycount is comically high for rendering in-game.

Well i could remove some polygons :slight_smile:

Well, you’d need to do a little more than that…

Dat foliage.


looks nice, but the only trees in Black Mesa are cacti, Zen flora or trees that are scorched black.

You mean there’s no green hill zone in black mesa? :wink:

Preorder cancelled.

Can maya save in .obj format? If so, hellz ya!

Yes, it can save to obj and FBX

Then, Geek, you should totally upload it in .obj.