403 Aurelius -- 100% Open-Dev Project


So open development = we can see everything?

Or can we also help you guys, for example by making models and textures? Basically also be part of an “open development process”?


Open as in you can see everything.

However, if there’s a community suggestion that we especially like, or an asset that someone makes that we especially like, we might consider inclusion on a case-by-case basis.


Latest chatlog is up. No need to write a new post for that.

If you aren’t already aware, our dev chatlogs are posted on this page:


I might add that it’s a short chatlog this week, since we’ve all been occupied with stuff and in generally things have been a bit slow. We’ll get back on track with progress soon!


That said, if you’d like to be part of the team we could discuss opening positions.


Depends on what you need.


Off the top of my head, we’re most critically in short supply of character modelers and animators.

If you’re very good at any useful skill though and would like to contribute, and you’re also willing to do the whole open-dev recording and/or streaming thing, feel free to PM any of us.


Gonna follow the twitch channel and then ask stupid questions every time your programmer hits a wall. :wink:
Oh and it’ll be intressting to see how much your hammer crashes…


Apologies for the delay, the chatlog from two weeks ago is now up:


We will not be posting a chatlog for last week, because there has been too little activity to justify a full chatlog. Things have been going very slowly due to Real Life, but we should be able to make at least minor progress on some of the assets throughout the next few months.

Such is how a hobby project goes-- periods of inactivity, followed by bursts of progress. We’ll get back into the swing of things at some point. And when we do, it will become quite obvious, so stay tuned!


So where’s the source for this mod, where’s the version control, where can I find the code, models and the changesets?


As mentioned in the first two posts of this very page, you can see development happen, but can’t access our source content. Our content and version control aren’t going to be distributed freely, but you can openly see everything we do to it whenever we do anything. We’ll likely open-source everything after development is completed. Our bugtracker exists in the form of the ticket system located on the development site mentioned in the OP.


On the other hand, if you wanna request a specific file or asset, we may allow it depending on what you ask for.





The gods have returned. [Insert unfunny meme here]


The gods have returned. (damn dky, back at it again with your blockout map)


DKY’s life story is just a page with the word “Orangemap.” inked in the middle.


Here’s my first recording if anyone is interested, youtu.be/LdLYRoQNuI0


I was looking over the floor plan I made, and noticed a mistake I’d made, and also a change that I wanted to make.


watching the video of you building the level Floor 20 i noticed ou switching between paint shop and hammer , If the floor plan is to scale or close to, why don’t you create a large texture to load up in hammer so you can follow the plan in Hammer instead of switching between programs, and if you press the x key you can enlarge or move brushes around in the 3D view ??


On first thought, doing that sounds like it would be a lot more effort than it’s worth.

But on second thought, I’m curious about it. I might actually give it a shot next time I do an orange map layout.


one way to get the scale right is when you make your next plan make a line that is your guide say 512 units long and in ammer a guide wall of 512 once you have those matching up your set ready to go :slight_smile:


This is basically how we started making the Xen levels: we took the detailed paper plans, made them into a properly scaled texture, and took them into the editor to build on top of. It’s not much effort at all if you’ve done the plan properly.

I really hate working to paper plans; goes against my general method as a mapper, but in this instance, it was insanely useful - particularly with more complex and non-conventional geometry such as for Xen.