86% of Germans would vote for Obama, if they could

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They haven’t had to live with him for four fucking years…

No, but they lived with Bush as a world “neighbor” for 8 years.

Assuming other candidates = as bad as, if not worse than Bush.

Pretty heavy assumption, no?

I’m not saying Romney is as bad as Bush. Still he wants to go back to an America of 1950.

Cologne- The heads up is comfortable. If the germans were to vote the US-president on this november Obama could continue his presidency. 86 percent voted for the democrat in the newest ARD-“Deutschlandtrend”. Only 7% voted for the contender Mitt Romney.

The political work of Obama is also highly praised : Three third of the germans are pleased with the US-president. Hereby he comes off better than Chancellor Angela Merkel whom which only 61% are satisfied.

In August Obama already received 86% of the votes from germans in a Forsa-survey for the “Stern”. The compliancy knows no party borders and goes through all ages. The germans are also confident about a victory of the US-president on 6th november.

Also Bill Clinton raised hopes for a reelection last wednesday. He promoted for Obama with an excellent speech.“We are here to nominate a president and I have someone in mind”, he told, “I want Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States and I am proudly nominating him as the standard bearer of the democratic party!”. Even a republican official had to admit: " This moment probably helps Obama for his reelection".

This thursday Barack Obama wants to talk in person at the next party conference in North-Carolina. Unfortunately the democrats had to disinvite 65,000 supporters for the anticipated speech because of concerns about rainstorms. Obama commiserates with the change in plans but didn’t want to commit any security risk, he told his supporters at a telephone conference on thursday.

The roofed arena in which Obama will hold his speech only holds one quarter of the amount of visitors as the originally planned stadium. The president called onto his listeners not to give up on their support for his reelection. “We can’t let ourselves down because of some lightning and thunder” Many had received tickets only because they helped voluntarily for the election campaign.

Fuck, that took longer than I thought it would.

Thx for the translate. I didn’t have the nerve to do it.

Economically, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

Not saying I’m a Romney fan. I’m more for Gary Johnson.

Also, Obama is trying to fix shit, I can see that, but I haven’t seen any results. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you don’t produce results, then get the fuck out.

It’s real easy to say that from the sidelines, isn’t it?

I’m not doing that BS “UBLASS U CAN DO IT U CANT CRITISZI” but you know how fucking deep in the shit we’re in right now. It’s gonna take more than 4 measly midgety years to fix this.

Like Clinton said: The strategy to office of the GOP is “We leave you a great mess [after 12years] . You can’t fix it in 4 years - we throw you out.”

I would cut him some slack if I saw some improvement, or at least saw this shit leveling out, but it’s getting WORSE, NOT BETTER.

Need someone new.

And Romney is your choice? Really?


aka. Not for Romney

@xalener: Insanity is voting for the same two parties that we have been for fucking ages. They’ve both gotten comfortable with this pattern and their inevitable positions of power. It’s time to add something new to the pot.

Missed that, sorry. Too bad he didn’t make it.

It’s fine.

He’s still a candidate, though. However, people tend not to vote for anyone but Republicans or Democrats. They see it as “throwing away their vote” or in this election “giving a vote to Obama.”

Craziest horse shit I’ve ever heard, honestly.

Which Party is he from? The Green party?


If it wasn’t for Ralph Nader in 2000, we could have completely avoided Bush as president. So sadly, it really is a throw away vote.

There HAS been some improvement. We are no longer losing jobs at an astronomical rate. We’ve been adding jobs, in fact, every single month for the last 2+ years. Since Obama got into office, we pulled back on losing jobs and, as of the beginning of 2010, we’ve had positive private sector job growth every single month. The auto industry is back on its feet and paying back the bailout money. The growth in the deficit has been slowed almost to a point of dropping. People that have not been able to get health insurance in the past can now get it and we’ve seen a drop in the deficit because of it.

There has been some improvements.