A couple bugs I spotted in the Xen beta

Firstly, this rock geometry in this cave on map bm_c4a1a1 -
at coordinates: setpos 4996.864258 7295.997559 6435.041016;setang 27.419632 97.628738 0.000055 -
Has no collision. Hard to screenshot easily, since it’s underwater. Grabbed a first screenshot of the cave ceiling over the rocks, then a screenshot of what you see if you do a 180 degree turn to look behind you at the end. Did not check rest of cave.
In map bm_c4a1b at coords: setpos -11905.156250 -3471.016602 9509.958008;setang -7.292344 172.354202 0.000000 -
the scaffolding has some missing textures.
Finally, in also map bm_c4a1b at coords: setpos -9348.548828 55.250706 10636.198242;setang 21.571663 -148.749802 0.000000 -
the laptop screen is translucent, you can see the props behind it.

Imgur album, pictures ordered to issue.

That’s all, I hope I’ve helped. Sorry for having to dump to an imgur album. I had to rewrite this post several times to figure out how to efficiently upload the pictures. Limit on uploads, limit on hyperlinks, etc.


To continue this thread about bugs, I’ve had a few that weren’t mentioned yet:

  • The bullsquids are moving quite badly, they kinda “glide” in a slow glitchy way like they are trying to turn but there is not enough room so they vibrate. Also they’re not very aggressive.
  • HEV zombies are often stuck when you first encounter them.
  • The sounds are not originating from HEV zombies and Houndeyes location (maybe others too but I forgot)

I play on a laptop : ASUS ROG GL502V

Astounding job though, it’s just breathtaking.