About remaking the Gargantua and Gonarch hitbox

I hope Crowbar Collective could remake or buffed the Gargantua (like add new attacks for him) Just like what they did on Gonarch.
Because fighting with him is boring in BMS. And all he does are flaming and slaps you.
Moreover, Gargantua is slow compare to Gonarch, especially you get a long jump pack now.
Maybe Gargantua can also do a charge attack in the furture.
Also the Gargantua seems weak. You can kill the Gargantua (spawned by the command)
by few rockets, but you need to type a command in console first.(Sk_gargantua_allow_death 1)

About the Gonarch:
There’s a hitbox problem. I hope they can fixed it. Gonarch’s hitbox looks broken. You can’t damage it by shooting it’s legs and the head with rocket (not the testicle thing). You can even jump on her ‘testicle’ and hide in her head!
That means it’s legs and head has no collision except the “testicle”. You can’t “touch” the head and legs.

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