Account name origin

Just wondering what´s the background story of your (present) account name here? Is or was there a specific meaning behind it or was it just randomly created?

I’ve always been pretty awful at naming things, myself included. I needed a username, couldn’t think of anything good.

I think TWHL user potatis_invalid put it best:
“His name is Jeff. He likes to mod.”

People were like, Max hey! and I was like yeah, ok.

My screen/account name is in three parts.

daniel = My actual first name
san = Japanese honorific*
geo = A reference to my very first webhost: Geocities**

How about you, Raziel_ZV?

  • I’m not Japanese. When I was first presented with being required to create an account name way back in 1994, I was trying to think of one. The Karate Kid was on TV and, well…there you go.
    ** My original email address with them was [email protected]. Then Geocities was bought by Yahoo and then they shut down Geocities. In order to help people I knew back then who knew me by my email address remember that I’m me, I wanted to create [email protected] but it didn’t let me, so I tried [email protected] and got it. And now I’m danielsangeo. I can’t seem to access [email protected] anymore because I forgot the password and Yahoo doesn’t want to help me.

Mine has existed since I was nine years old. The ‘Admiral’ part was the highest military rank I was aware of at the time. The ‘Sakai’ part is somehow related to my IRL first and last name, although for the life of me I cannot remember how it was derived.

Wayne Acoba isn’t my actual name. But it is somebodys.

I guess something like 13 or 14 years ago (damn, already?) I was on a school trip in Rome. I went to a vintage store and I got this cool looking black navy shirt, at least I guess it was navy. There was still the name tag on it and it said: W.A.Acoba and on another tag at the bottom of the shirt: Wayne A. Acoba. I thought it was a cool sounding name.

That was WAY before facebook was known or used widely in Germany. But now I can actually find this guy on fb. I think I still have this shirt somewhere around. I should have a foto of it at least. I actually thought of contacting him, but first I wanted to see if I still have the shirt.

Now, that my webname can easily tracked back to him, I am thinking of changing my webname. Though I really like…

I was going to go with my Steam account’s profile name, which was lλmbda, because I couldn’t be fucked thinking of a new one, but the name was taken and I had a YouTube username under this (LambdaMan), so I decided ‘fuck it’ and here we are today.

EDIT: My inspiration drawn for the original name was because I was an avid fan of the Half-Life series, and the symbol is the lambda symbol, and lambda is another word for half-life to some scientific extent, I put two and two together and here’s a name.

I made a sexist joke and my brother called me a pig. I tried to make a pig noise that sounded more like a goat. My brother asked me if I was a goat or a pig, so I replied, “Both!”

Text FAMGUY1 was one of my favourite jokes from Family Guy, back when it was funny.

Chicken Chonnage (my current name of choice) comes from the fact that my favourite fast-food joint in the UK is called Chicken Cottage. As my name is Chon, I think the rest is fairly self-explanatory. I pretty much lived there for about 5 years. Once I moved to Thailand, aside from my family, the thing I missed the most was Chicken Cottage, so it just made sense!

I used to use Cry0, then eventually Cryo, and over time that somehow tansformed into “Crypt” with various numbers tacked at the end, usually 19 because I liked that number fsr, or sometimes B (my last initial). I use Crypt a lot because it’s short and somewhat similar in pronunciation to my actual name.

It’s not very unique or recognizable though. Everyone here has probably run into various Crypts or variants of that were not me.

My first account name was HardGamerDz.
It was bit too nerdy, so I changed it to LordDz.

Dz stands for my initials.

I used to go by 0_22one here on the forums (was a characters designation in a Sci fi novel I started writing but never finished) , as well as on Steam. Eventually I got the nickname Massey from some friends (idr why) and started using that as my gamer handle and pen name. Eventually Massey turned into CGMassey, where the first is the first initial of my first name (Chris) and G stood for Gil (character in a short story I wrote that got published) and then Massey.

Eventually I adopted CyankeeCGMassey as a handle, where Cyankee was simply a running joke amongst my friends due to me being from Boston and having an accent (see, Yankee!). Kinda lame but I worked with it. That eventually shortened out to CyankeeMassey when I remade my account here, and I still go by Massey and CGMassey as a gamer handle, while here and as a pen name I use CyankeeMassey or Cyankee Massey.

Mine is a line from Anchorman. I like Radiohead and the lead singer’s last name is Yorke so i put them together.

Man, reading these backstories is amazing. Thx for the thread @Raziel_ZV.

My name originates way back when i first started to play games at all.
Back on PS2. Since i shared my PS2 with my bro we both got one memory card,
so we both taped names on each one. I called mine “MATRIX”. Probably because of the movie.
After that i started Gran Turismo 4 for the first time, and when i was prompt to create a profile
i typed John Walter. John is the same as Ivan in Croatian, and Walter seamed like a nice forename.

After a while i made a steam account, and i used the same name, but it got a number now: johnwalter1044

And i’ve been sticking with this name everywhere.

Nice :smiley:

“Raziel” - one of main protagonists from Legacy of Kain series
“_”- just didn´t want to use the standard hyphen
“ZV” - an abbreviation of my hometown (Zvolen, Slovakia)

I kinda like the name “Raziel” in general, I´ve used it since puberty as a nickname in MP games…now some of my friends still call me “Razi”

They are, aren´t they? :slight_smile: No problem :smiley:

Oooh so it’s pronounced like See-Yankee-Massey! I always read it like Cyan-kee-massey. You know, Cyan, like the color…duh.

Oh good, I’m not alone in this. Makes me think of when people realize Thee and Acade have no R.

Haha yeah Wayne, but honestly I accept both pronunciations. The only one I keep strict is Massey, which is pronounced Mahs-e not Mace-e. A lot of people use the second one, which I still respond to but Massey is pretty set after like 5 or 6 years of it existing haha

I’ve gone under the username “MisterDigitalGuy” for such a long time that it’s kind of hard to remember what went into it. As far as I can remember, I originally started using the name back in middle school (those were the dark and evil days…) for an account on some educational website. Usually, when it came to usernames, I would just pull something out of thin air and set that as my username- and that’s what “MisterDigitalGuy” essentially started out as. I was just going to use it for this one website, and I’d think of another username when I wanted to create an account on another website. However, something about this name stuck. I had no idea why this name worked so well, but whatever the reason, it soon became my go-to internet pseudonym. Ever since, pretty much every online account that I’ve created has used this name (specifically, my steam account and this account).

As for what went into the name, like I said before, it was mostly pulled out of thin air. That said, I do have a pretty good idea of what went into the name. The more formal “Mister” and the more casual “Guy” come from me being a guy myself, and the “Digital” comes from my unending fascination with technology. It’s worked for me so far, and it’s a heckuva lot better than some of the other usernames I used to use.

Hey look, I actually found some - blurry - pics of that w.a.acoba shirt! Couldn’t find the shirt, though. Maybe I sold it…wait. maybe…I should look out for another w.a.a. … :confused: